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Top Ranking but now nowhere from search


I am an authorized goanimate reseller who are one of the few sellers in fiverr that can reseller their video here. This week fiverr took down many sellers who use goanimate and I was one of them that got gigs denied. But was reinstated when I told them I got the right to sell those video.

Strange thing happened yesterday that my most sellable gig is now nowhere in the search.

Contacted the support and hope they can give me a valid reason why this is so, as I can see there are sellers who might not be sell this type of video and yet they are ranking :frowning:


If I click the Animation & 3D category your gig displays on the 10th row under the High Rating Tab.


I’m wondering if you purchase commercial rights for each video you create. How is it possibile to sell a 60 sec video=>$100 and pay to go animate $79 commercial rights transfer, this question is blowing my mind. [-X


I’ve had this happen too. Pause your gig, edit your gig by adding another instance of your keyword, then activate your gig. If that doesn’t do it, you might want to read my post regarding my search adventure:

I had a few of my gigs that weren’t searchable by keyword and it took me several days to figure it out. There seems to be a prompt in fiverrs system for when to index a gig for search and sometimes it appears to get stuck in a state of limbo. At least, that was my experience. CS couldn’t help me either.


I also question the rights fee for each delivery? Has goanimate changed? I like their product but they are not friendly for micro jobs. You also have to offer a $5.00 product and I don’t see a way to do that with their product?

Thanks for your input!


Yes I am back on track again.

@ jullyan - I have agreement with Goanimate, so my transfer rights will not be $79, but will be way lower than public, as I am a volume seller, not only in Fiverr :slight_smile: