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Top Rate Seller? How Many Gigs Did It Take?

How many gigs did it take for you to get top seller status? I’m at 100% rating with over 155 sells. (small time to some of you I know). What’s the secret? I enjoy doing what I do but some of these buyers don’t be acting right. I keep it 100% business though. What about you?

I havent got that, but I am trying to keep 100% rating and more sales. some of us contacting the Fiverr support :-?

it doesnt take many sales to gig top rated status, you just have to be a weirdo or

some type of funny marketer. One of my friend spandy andy got top rated seller

status within a couple weeks of joining because he danced around in his spandex lol

See I think there should be a set limit. It is aggravating that some are achieving it so early and reaping the benefits

155 sells? that’s it?

i’ve got over 300 sales and i haven’t even budge.

with that many, you’re bound to have a couple negatives. just so you know :slight_smile:

Top Rated Sellers were ‘handpicked’ by the Fiverr team/editor if I’m not mistaken.

I had around 250 sales when I was promoted to top rated, and was quite surprised how quick it was, took me around 2 1/2 months from registering to top rated.

Whoops ! i had one Negative Feedback #-o

Crazyeve i think you are the best here,for only 2 month to be toprated is brilliant :slight_smile:


I wish top rated seller was based on things other than originality and things like that.

I’m a writer and I have over 1500 completed gigs, yet I’m not considered. (My rating is only 95% because of some issues early on so I know that’s a factor too). But since there are hundreds of people offering ‘writing’ services on Fiverr I’m not going to be considered any time soon.

Oh well, I’ll be happy with LV2 for now I guess.


Yes i was that too! I really think somedays that top rated sellers are random people who do the most crazy things. Yes some deserve it but i dont think all of them.

it seems to me that give a top seyler for originality of a concept instead of for number of sales

I am not a top rated seller but have a great family tree gig, I am no longer focusing on being a top rated anything. I concentrate on delivering a quality product and helping a client with something that is very personal, their family

Quality that would suit for a top rated seller is the thing I suppose…there is no limit…

If someone has got unique stuff or quality stuff with positive reviews and customer satisfaction…then he or she has no limits…automatically get the attention …

It took Oranjegirl no time at all to become a TRS, I think she had done 1000 gigs after the first couple of months. Myself I was just before her but I think I had the advantage of being one of the first on here thanks to Mr. Cornwell.

Top rated seller status isn’t based on sales alone. I had over 1,000 before I was promoted, yet I know others who have had a couple hundred.

As for top rated sellers only being fun and bizarre, that isn’t true. Whilst I am a fun guy, my gigs are all business related.

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And now it has all changed!

So 2 years late on and what kind of numbers are we looking for to get a TRS Badge now?

I’m thinking, don’t stress it, just have fun and enjoy the gigs that come along because down the road there will be another level of greatness :slight_smile: