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Hi Everyone,
I am Saifullah Ali for Pakistan, i am on Fiverr approx last two years and a level 2 seller, i had completed all the goals to become a Top Rated seller last month and was waiting for this month evaluation to be ranked as Top Rated,but unfortunately, nothing happened.:woozy_face:
i also know that this is a manual process of selection but what i don’t know is on what basis a i was evaluated… my overall ranking is 5, i never received any warning yet and it an overall greate experience
can anybody help me with this and guide me about standards to maintain other than which i already had achieved
Thank you for your time

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Same here. I think you have to keep working hard until you get the reward one day


Hello, Saifullah Ali!

TRS are chosen by 5r Staff. Meeting the metrics, doesn’t exactly mean you’ll automatically become a TRS. It’s a game of musical :musical_score: cheers. Also, it’s the Top Rated Seller Badge!

@nikavoice - He can get a top rated batch of bananas to name one example…


Oh, @gig_freak tsk, tsk, tsk. You caused me to spill my :pineapple: juice. :joy:

Grrr! You’re buying the next one.:stuck_out_tongue:

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I suspect one of the reasons it is manual is because maye they determine it based on market needs they observe and what they have reason to think will sell at the time of evaluation.