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Top Rated Gig Is Removed


Hi Everyone,

I have recieved this message from fiverr side? Anyone can help me? What i need to reactive the gig?

“Message From Fiverr”

We appreciate you taking the time to create/update your Gig do Yoast SEO Optimization for Wordpress Business Website. Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig.
The reason is:
Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use. As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading to our buyers.
We kindly ask that you consider the above suggestions when creating a new Gig. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Fiverr Help Center. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.
The Fiverr Team


You’ve mentioned YOAST, duh…
Read the ToS


what is TOS? Can you send me ToS link?


Due to Yoast word. my gig has been removed from my account? right?


That’s the 3rd party involved

ToS = Terms of service

You can look for them from your Fiverr profile, do some research duh :expressionless:


Thank you For The Answer. Now can i get again removed gig? or change everything?

Or can i mention the third party name in the search tags?


Work on your Gig without mentioning 3rd parties directly, use synonyms, related words, etc.


Can i get again removed gig from the fiverr? any idea please?


I gave you the ideas already :unamused:
If you want someone who writes the whole Gig for you, including Title, tags, prices, etc… that someone is surely NOT ME


befor couple of week I got some message from fiverr saying - you need to modify your gig and I simply modify it with all new and I got taht gig active again…try simple way!


If you go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom you will see Terms of Service. Best to read this before you do anything else.


This time, my gig is listed in denied section. I can’t edit anything in the gig. How i can edit the removed gig? can you tell me?


I think you must open ticket for this now!


Thanks, i have already opened the ticket.


You cannot modify denied Gigs duh…
Please do as @lloydsolutions says, and please read the ToS!!!


OMG… :fearful: just for the app name :frowning:


That’s not just an app name, is a whole company, and as such they don’t like other people making money with their name. That’s why you all have to read the ToS :expressionless:

No God involved here, just Third party complaints…


i used YOAST name on my FAQ is there any problem for that?


Yes Please remove the Yoast name from the gig.


You better ask Customer Support to be sure of the extensions regarding 3rd parties.