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TOP RATED Requirments Completed 2 Months Ago Still No Good News

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you are doing great here at fiverr, I was thinking to post this from last 2 weeks, Anyways i need answers from Fiverr Top Rated Sellers , I am actually awaiting for to be picked by Fiverr as a Top Rated as Requirements are already completed 2 months ago, Was Exited to be picked but yet no such news .

My Questions , How this all works ? I mean If you are a Top Rated How this process was done ? Fiverr Contacted you ? Or Just a Congratulations email and you were top Rated ?

Please answer if you can …

Million Thanks
Best Regards


Congrats on your success .You surely will get it if you are qualified for the badge it is hand-picked by Fiverr that might be the reason it’s taking some time. :slight_smile:


Some people already waiting for more than 2 years to be picked to be top rated seller since this level system was rolled out :wink:


Thank you, yes i was thinking same … anyway let see how long it takes :confused:

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Yes maybe , but i believe if performance is going perfect , More Chances Fiverr can select . But let see how long it takes … Thank you for your comment…

You have excellent statistics! I just noticed one day I was a top rated seller, no notice came.


Everyone who has level 2 has great stats and some even better with everything at 100%

But good luck anyway! It’s great to see sellers striking for the best

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Fiverr will handpick top rated sellers, i have been waiting for the past 3 years…


I waiting more than 1 years.Completed 300% requirement, 1800+ 5Star rating, No any bad rating.


I think in early times it was easy to become a top rate and now a days its bit hard … its due to competition right ?

oooopppps Wish you Good Luck buddy


are you still level 2? or already promoted to TRS?

I have completed my requirements for top rated seller today. i have work hard for 4 years to reach TRS requirements. i have 2(4stars), 1(3stars) and 147(5stars) and no negative review, with 162 orders completed all time. and 152$ average selling rate.

response rate, order completion rate, on time delivery , ratings etc is 100%.

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never give up bro…keep trying

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never give up bro…keep trying…

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hmmm… have patience … just do your best work & communicate professionally with buyers…

I became TRS after 6 years + being level 2 for 6 years (never demoted)…
and I did pinch myself to see I was not dreaming when I got the email “that I’ve become a TRS”… :laughing:

Let it be a surprise… :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay safe everyone !! :pray:


It took me about three years as I recall. I had no bad reviews at that time and a couple thousand good reviews. And I knew I was doing exceptional work on fiverr.


Yes still at L2 … Hoping for the best … That all :slight_smile:


I’ve completed the requirements years ago and I’m still at Level 2. Some people will never get it, so don’t get too excited. My ratings are all at 100%.


my statistics are same, everything are 100%. so it means i have to wait for unlimited time. also i can become TRS any time. :slight_smile:

in short, i have done my work, now its fiver turn, when ever they want, they can give me TRS badge. :grinning:

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Yes hope and keeping doing outstanding performing is the next thing… maybe fiverr will look into this in future also about LEVEL system maybe…