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TOP RATED SELLER AGAIN: Thanks to my Buyers and FIVERR Team


Thanks so much Fiverr team to select me as a TOP RATED SELLER Again. After a struggle of close to 2 years I am a TOP RATED SELLER Again. Thanks to my regular buyers who supported and have been with me more than 4 years with me and trusting my talent and quality of services.

Special Thanks to all my buyers. I was TOP RATED SELLER from November 2012 to March 2016. Because of my personal health issues and delayed order deliveries and missing the quality of work and more orders cancellations caused me to lose my TRS badge.

It is my own fault as i was under medication because of personal health issues. which i did not satisfy many clients and more order cancellations, delay in deliveries.

I am top rated seller again and thanks so much for each and every buyer who supported me in my tough times and FIVERR TEAM for selecting me as a Top Rated Seller Again.

The Real Game starts now as we have 3-year-old ADHD child and i am only working at night time. Top Rated Seller it is not an easy thing to maintain as we have to deliver high-quality work and communication and be punctual.

Hope i will do my best work and Satisfy my clients while taking care my child and supporting him on his therapies and delay in learning issues.

Thanks so much,





Thank you so much


Congratz on the promotion! I hope to make Top Rated next month for the first time. :+1:


Awesome… congratulation … :tada::ribbon::gift:



Thanks so much and all the best for your TRS Goal.


Thanks so much


Congratulations. Best wishes to you and your family. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations on your promotion…



Thank you so much.


Congratulations! How awesome!




Thanks so much for your wishes.

Thanks for all your support, Fiverr forum members (Few Regular and Veterans) always supporting and sharing their experiences and suggestions which help me to be more creative and professional with my buyers.




Thank you so much


Congratulation dear…


Congratulations. That is great news.


Congrats, Keep it up and you’ll be chosen as a Super Seller :slight_smile:


Congratulation. Wish you all the best


Congratulations🎉 Best wishes on your future endeavours.


Amazing story, well done and congratulations!!!

I was nominated for the first time yesterday but they decided against giving me the honor - it is also my dream these past 2 years…I have patience :wink:



The best wishes for you! You got it for your hard work and a lot of patience :sunny: