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Top Rated Seller Banned!


Top rated seller got banned! feeling heartless
leaving fiverr !!!


Isn’t this is a matter of appreciation ? Fiverr is strict about their policy, no matter the seller is new or top rated :wink:


Yours is a new account, you’ve only just arrived? :wink:


I’m not sure what he’s talking about - if it’s about him or someone else :smirk:

Anyway, I have taken a look to the profile’s description, certifications, etc. and… well… :roll_eyes:


Are you the TRS that got banned, or is it a friend of yours, or perhaps a
seller you bought from a lot??
Do you know why this person got banned?

Just to let you know, I know a level 2 seller who had hundreds of good reviews, but got banned for a very good reason, might I add.
No matter how popular of a seller you may be, if they break the rules they get
banned pretty quickly.


Hello, sorry this happened to you! And to be a TRS too. What does it mean “I have a great worker in google inc.” please? Are you saying you worked for google? If so that’s impressive. edit: I see, it says “now I left a year”.


The only reason of getting banned is violating the rules. A TRS is not a super character who can violate the rules and nothing happens, right?


When you do not follow the rules of the page and do things that you do not owe, this is the most likely to happen. pity


i am really sorry to hear your experience. i think top rated seller get more responsibilities than other badges seller because they are presenting fiverr from front and their one mistake describes a lot. very challenging task.


Every user has to obey rules. No matter the trust level or the situation. :slight_smile:


Well, you clearly aren’t referring to yourself, because your profile and gigs are still active on Fiverr – and you are not a TRS seller. In fact, you are a brand new seller this month, and you don’t appear to have had any orders whatsoever. So… who is the TRS seller that was banned, and why is his/her banishment leaving you “feeling heartless”?


OP is ‘Out of Office’ for forum :wink: we are talking to each other only.
May be he come back and reply all the question raised here by forum members.


Maybe the OP was referring to himself when he said “leaving fiverr” and he actually did leave and this was another account of his.


That’s possible, although, if so, a second account is going to hurt him down the line – since it’s against the rules and all.


Maybe they just banned one of his accounts and left him this one but it’s his non functioning account.


@Everyone once you got banned u will not able to acess fiverr and u will not login in again then how i come with top rated seller ?


You are legit. making no sense right now. :thinking: Who is this TRS you’re talking about? If you do not share the entire story with us, we cannot really help you.


I have absolutely no idea what you are complaining about.

You currently have an active account. You are clearly not banned from Fiverr. And since you are posting here on the forums, you also appear to have access to Fiverr. Perhaps you can better clarify your complaints so that we can understand how to assist you.


Are you asking how you can become a top rated seller if you are banned and can’t login? Or are you saying that if you are a top rated seller you shouldn’t be banned? Or you were a top rated seller but got banned?

All I can tell is somehow your question is about a top rated seller getting banned.


Impressive random post / genuine reactions ratio.
I have a slight suspect at this point.
It’s all a joke. That’s not funny.