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Top Rated Seller Banned!


good Sense of humour??


He sounds mad about something to me. I feel that it is a delusion that his other account was as a TRS, and it got banned. Just a guess though. Or possibly he was a level 2 and hoping to be a TRS. That would be quite upsetting.


No choice whatever you are but if you are going to break rules when it happens

Fiver is a very good platform for the seller so as a part of sellar’s responsibility that does not break the rule and avoid anything outside of fiver


i agree with you.good reply


Implausible. See his other post. Any opinion from moderators?


It’s basically gibberish so no point in even speculating. Based on that it should probably be removed, the whole thread. We can’t even tell what he is saying.


@legends_design, I’m not sure what it is you’re saying about a banned top rated seller, but I see that you took your gig image from a TRS, and gig description from another seller.

Plagiarism does get people banned, for a good reason.


The entire profile, and gigs, have changed completely! And the photo is male but he says he is a girl. From his/her profile:
" I started as a young girl to create the first covers" but now he is a male. This modern world…:thinking:

Before it said “I have a great worked in google inc.”


I remember that…

Perhaps this thread and the OP’s profile are an experiment in…whatever?


Stupidity? Confusion? Throwing a piece of spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks? I’m all for experimenting but this takes it to a new level.


Not only that. Op is supposed to be from In**a but in one of his gigs it’s written “Welcome to my service. I am from Bang****sh…” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As I said in my first comment this user is… well… :roll_eyes:


:grin: …Now I’m glad this thread was left up.


At this point, with those drastic gig identity elements changed, I think the OP just wanted attention. I don’t think it’s the kind of attention he wanted, though, and his Fiverr career may suffer as a result.

If someone wants to be succcessful here, they can’t be pulling stunts like this. Reputation is everything, and this OP has not been doing anything to improve his.


This is a study in everything not to do.


But, but, OP posted tips for new sellers! :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t it count? :smile_cat:

New sellers Get Order now!

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