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Top Rated Seller gig uniqueness?


So… I am a bit confused and mildly frustrated. My gig has BY FAR the best ratings out of all of the gigs similar to it. Maybe buyers said things like “I should have gotten this gig before I bought the other ones” or “I’ll never buy followers from anyone but mike719” or the like.

Anyway, I requested TRS status based on the fact that I have Top Ratings for my type of gig (Twitter followers). My logic tells me that to be a “Top Rated Seller” you should Top Ratings, right? Well I was told that my gigs are not unique enough to be a TRS. I don’t think this is fair! I understand that featured gigs should be unique and creative, but why should I not be a Top Rated Seller for delivering an outstanding performance to my buyers? Why should I NOT stand out amongst the tons of similar gigs as one that truly has the top ratings and highest satisfaction of my buyers?

Can anyone with TRS status give their inputs/thoughts/suggestions? I really specialize in Twitter services but there are so many JUNK services that now I am being punished for not having a unique-enough gig even though mine is miles above the other ones. So now I cannot stand out and am lost in the crowd!



Hi Mike there are lots of seller like you no one knows for sure the criteria that Fiverr select TRS’s but there are a few guidelines and I know you are aware of them:

Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Promotion is based on criteria including: seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership.




It looks like pretty much nobody has TRS under your category? Anyway, I am sure you will need a lot more gigs complete before they even consider. When I got TRS (yesterday) i just dropped an email to customer support telling them why I should be TRS and I got approved.


Yes the criteria for TRS does not mention that you must have unique gigs. And I am doing everything else right (as far as I know!).

I did contact customer support and they told me that my gigs are not unique enough (again, not in the critera). I would accept “get more sales first” as a reply but that’s not the reason I got.

Anyway, yes, no one in this category has TRS status. And since there are SO MANY gigs in that category, wouldn’t it make even more sense to find a couple sellers who seem to have the best ratings so buyers aren’t overwhelmed by looking at thousands of similar looking gigs?


And yes, all the boxes I can check. I’m certainly patient enough to wait to get more orders completed (I constantly have 30-50 orders in the queue). But I am hoping that there is some light at the end of the tunnel for possible TRS status.

If not, then their criteria should really be modified to mention that you need unique gigs for it IMHO.


Yes I got a new response from customer support:

"Unfortunately just keeping up outstanding selling performance and having high volumes of sales won’t be enough - our editors want Top-Rated Sellers to stand out even more through providing some trademark creative and unique services that are distinctively different from other kinds of services found in their area of expertise (which in your case would be social marketing)."

So I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll ever get TRS status. How unique and creative can a social media gig be? Anything that you can possibly do already has hundreds of gigs offering it. So no matter how much BETTER of a job you do than your competitors you can’t get TRS status.

Oh well… I will just have to settle with getting 10-12 orders per day and lots of repeat buyers.


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