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Top Rated Seller? Huh?

Hi there everyone!

This is more a post for tips, and whatever info is available. And since it’s under 'The rant category (I didn’t know where else to put it) it will be a small rant as well.

Well. As the post title says it’s on the ‘Top Rated Seller’ status.

My main question? How does one get it?

Let me give you my example.

I’ve requested to be considered twice. Both times I got the automated response from Fiverr politely declining but telling me to keep trying. It’s really not a big deal. Fiverr is great even without it! (Plus, the fact that I even got a response is one of the things that I love about Fiverr.). Anyhow. Onward…

In the last 10 or so months I have over 2500 sales. And a perfect record. 100% on both of my gigs and not one thumbs down. Keeping that kind of record is hard work, let me tell you. :slight_smile:

So. With that said, I really want to know what makes a top rated seller… a top rated seller? I have seen numerous people selling their gigs in my category that are top rated sellers… without a 100% gig rating, or with multiple thumbs down… and with a fraction of my sales. Yet they are still top rated and I keep getting declined. By definition of the ‘Top Rated Seller’ status they should not be top rated sellers because they are not top rated. And myself? I should be because I am top rated. It just makes little sense to me. How can a top rated seller be top rated without a top rating? And why does a seller ‘With’ a top rating keep getting denied.

Sigh. It’s can be a harsh world out there. :slight_smile:

So that’s my rant and my post looking for suggestions.

Thanks for reading everyone!


I really have no complaints. Although I’d like to see if/what the extra Fiverr features are. And yes. I’m ‘More than a little’ envious of the Top Seller Badge. LOL

Quality is King, that is true. But a little info would be awesome.

I agree you have to be passionate about what you do to make a good gig, GREAT!

I’m Fun!!! LOL

I do love what I do! And I love it every time I log in and see a good comment. It’s the best feeling in the world.

But, with all that said, wouldn’t the category then be “Original Seller” or “Really loves what they do seller” ?.

No sarcasm intended here but the reality is that a top rated seller should be just that. A top rated seller. Not a seller with many thumbs down and negative comments kind of top rated seller. Because that’s not a top rated seller. That’s a… not quite top rated seller. As for ‘Special, unique’ kind of gigs they kind of have that covered with the ‘Featured’ seller.

And that’s my overall point really. If a perfect record in every sense doesn’t make a top rated seller than why call it a top rated seller? Especially when other ‘Top rated sellers’ aren’t perfect. So. Back to the original question. LOL

Oh, and hey. Thanks for the thoughts guys/gals.


Big Bad Billy.

I think what you want to do is get away from the social marketing or at least don’t make it your ONLY gig.

This is a grey area for fiverr…

My two cents.

Reply to anarchofighter: Twitter and FB shut the social marketing down didn’t they. I am sure someone will come up with another angle to use on the sites

Reply to @anarchofighter: What’s wrong with social marketing? It’s no different than a newspaper or commercial? Or any other kind of marketing.

Especially when you do it right and properly.

Reply to @tn5rr2012: You are correct as well. But that doesn’t affect me at all since I’m on the up & up. LOL

I actually have 2 SM related gigs. I just pause one of them when it gets to busy.

As for the 'Grey area… I can see your point because I know what’s out there but I’ve also seen a few social marketing gigs with Top Rated seller status.

Anyhow. Back to the point I guess.

Grey area or not, by definition, a Top Rated Seller is a Top Rated Seller. I know I sound like a broken record, but everyone seems to dance around the point. The badge doesn’t say 'Grey Area Seller. Ha ha. It says Top rated Seller. Not featured Seller or Staff picks Seller. It is supposed to reward sellers that through hard work and a love for doing what they do have maintained the highest rankings, providing exceptional service and client care. Otherwise why call it a “Top Rated Seller Badge”? Or maybe call it a “Top Rated Seller Badge as chosen by us”.

That’s the point I’m trying to make,

I think… the comments counts as well to let one become a TRS.

Overall its just quality and not quantity of comments. :slight_smile:

Thanks Grandma.

I’m still left wondering though.

I meet every rule in that list. (At least I think so).

  • Large number of sales. - I like to think so.
  • Good track record for delivery. - Perfect track record.
  • Perfect rating. - Perfect rating. On both my gigs.
  • Excellent presentation with HD quality videos, high resolution images that grab attention and clearly explain your services. - This ones subjective, but I have them all as best I can do. I even have my daughter in my video.
  • Gig originality. - Well. Here’s the breaker right? I like to think my gig is original because I think I’m one of the very… very few that does NOT use ‘bots’, socks or any other kind of program. Just good old time networking with friends.

    And for @seven_colors - I have over 1400 comments and my quality is second to nobody. (In my opinion anyhow).

    Again, it doesn’t matter. Really. I love what I do and even being able to do that as a Level 1 suites me just fine. I just wanted to know. That’s all. The “Pat on the back” as @oldbittygrandma wrote about in her spam folder would be an excellent nod for all the time it took to set this up efficiently and keep it going. (Trust me. Managing posting, pay-outs/trades and timings do take a lot of work. And without that my system wouldn’t work.).

    I also think it’s wrong to jam social media gigs into the “Grey Area Abyss” when they make up so much of the income Fiverr, as a whole generates. Ya. There’s a lot of Social Media Crap gigs out there. But I’m one of the few that does it right. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! (Ha ha ha. I had to get one piece of spam in there).

    Fiverr is the best of it’s type around I think. Really. And I really have no complaints. Even the customer service/support is lightning fast, friendly and over all amazing. That, is one of the reasons recognition from them would be a fantastic thing for me. But. I fear this topic has served it’s purpose and it’s about time to let it fade to oblivion.

    Thanks for all the posts folks. Thanks @oldbittygrandma for taking the time to post the link. Much appreciated.

Reply to @bigbadbilly: To that broader point (which I didn’t read in your first post), I stand in full solidarity with you.

I wish the language was selected with a higher level of reflection on the “facts” …

Top Rated Seller — Means what when you look at it. That this is a person who sells a lot and gets rated well. But it’s almost entirely a subjective/honorary designation by Fiverr.

Now, let’s also be balanced in the other direction.

Fiverr has given more and more opportunity to folk with level 1 and level 2 designation (not long ago only TRSs had multiple gig extras).

So, if your objection is to the name, I stand with you.

Finally, I didn’t buy your gig, so I didn’t say you were black hat or the like. So please understand it was a niche observation not a you criticism.

Reply to @anarchofighter: No no no. I wasn’t offended at all and didn’t think you were singling me out. No worries on that.

All I said… or implied… was that I know the Social Marketing category is a shady one on the whole, thanks to some. But there are some of us that really try. I consider myself a success on Fiverr, the sales rival my private stuff, and at times surpass it. But, there’s a reason for that. I should also note that most of my sales have been in the last 6 months. But my point is really that to do this gig for a year with a perfect rating speaks volumes. I am totally honest, tell people the truth and do mu job with a 100% satisfaction policy. My point? It’s not you, or Fiverr, or anyone else in general, but the perception of Social marketing gigs sucks. LOL.

Especially when some of us really care.

Damn. I said I was going to let this topic fade. :slight_smile:

Reply to @mintyone: totally agree.

Good conversation here. I would like to add my 2 cents. So Fiverr gives us great info on what is needed to be considered (thanks OBG for the LinkedIn link). One of the criteria is originality. Now for someone like me, who does a lot of graphic design and printing, not so creative in terms of the gig itself, lots of others on here doing it.

I pride myself in being one of the best designs and best service providers and have sold hundreds of gigs and have a 100%. Will I become a TRS? I hope to. But that is not as important to me. If it comes, it comes. Right now I am focused on building my Fiverr business, delivering quality products and being the best I can be.

I am highly engaged in critical thinking to come up with some more creative stuff to give me that extra edge.

All ideas accepted through private message… LOL

Yeah it’s a strange one really, I joined Fiverr as a seller about a month and half ago now (previously a buyer) within a few days went to level one, a few days after that level 2 and about a week ago now got Top Rated Seller, I don’t promote my gigs, but I seem to get a LOT of orders no where ner what you have by the way, I’m not sure how I got it, I just did I guess. Keep up the good work and I’m sure that you’ll get selected son enough, I’m rooting for you !




It’s not that it matters much. Although a little recognition would be amazing. I just want to know what extra perks you get with the TRS badge. (Any one want to tell me? Ha ha… wink wink).

oldbittygrandma said: ...and you need another gig, like anarcho suggested, yes.

I have two. I just pause them when I get too busy. I'm considering a third.... but we'll see how that goes.

But like @oldbittygrandma says, it's a grey gig. Or considered one. Especially with a lot of the crap gigs out there in my field. Although I have seen a few good ones. I do this with friends and a small network. I have a posting system in place where I post at certain times a day and everyone knows the times. (Since everyone knows when new links are posted, they check).

The system I've put together to provide my service has taken a long time to perfect. Again, providing this service within a time line takes a good system. Without it, people would randomly check and I'd never meet my deadline. I don't use 'Bots'. And I seriously think I'm the only person online that doesn't. The downside? I can't provide large scale numbers. But they're safe.

I gave up on the TRS idea a long time ago once I realized what the real reason I wouldn't get it was. No big deal.

- I just wish they'd change the name from 'Top Rated Seller' to 'Fiverr pick seller' or something. Because Top rated seller implies a top rated seller. When you've got 100% on everything that should mean you're top rated. LOL.

The “perks” are “early access to changes” that will be phased in (like we were on this forum before others).

We get one more gig extra option

And now our gig extras can be as much as $100 US.

Oh and our Badge is Gold.

Cool. Strange. It seems I have all those perks right now. And was one of the first here on the Forums as well via special E-Mail invite, same as the Fiverr card.

Hmmmm. I wonder if one of the staff at Fiverr felt bad that I had asked about it so much and gave me some of the TRS perks but without the badge. LOL.

Or maybe they also notify sellers with good ratings.

Either way. Thanks for the info @anarchofighter.