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Top Rated Seller - Isn't $20K in earnings a bit too much?

I’ve been in Fiverr since 2015. It’s not my main source of income (for some reason I’m getting less sales compared to last year so I tried my luck in other platforms that seem to work better for me) but I’d like for it to generate more revenue for me.

Besides adding a video to my gigs (I’m on it) I feel my profile and my gigs are pretty much 100% as perfect as they can be. I’ve fine-tuned tags and other details over these years and worked my way up to LVL 2 seller.

But I find the $20K in earnings to become a Top Rated seller a bit too much.

First, “Top Rated” has no implicit meaning connected to earnings. Then, and I know $20K lifetime earnings isn’t much if you’re full time doing your freelance stuff, reaching this level of earnings can take more than a couple of years. It feels like such a distant long term goal.

Is it just me that’s having a hard time reaching that level of sales?


No it’s not. Anyone who hasn’t made that much shouldn’t be considered for TRS. It’s not a lot.

Yes it can take a long time. Yes it’s hard. That’s the point. TRS is only for those who earn at least that much. TOP sellers. If someone cannot manage to do that they haven’t proven themselves as being in the top 1%.

After two or three years most serious good sellers will have reached that. It’s not uncommon. Some do it in the first year.


Well, considering the micro-jobs spirit of the platform 20K is a lot.

But still, the TRS seller level isn’t supposed to be for the top 1%, that’s what Fiver PRO is for…

I agree that 20K is not much considering my average yearly income, I’m just saying that lifetime earnings has too much weight. Like I said before, for me the “Top Rated” concept means continuous top-quality and feedback.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to post your reply.

Take care!

It’s not a lot… i would put $50k if you ask me… or more levels

Wish you all the best & Good luck.

That’s the whole point. TRS is intended for those that practice freelancing as a main source of income. I don’t think you can become Top Rated anything with part-time effort.

Think about it. You get tools and exposure that will increase the number of sales you have. If you are not interested in increasing the number of sales, why having TRS?

I think it’s fair enough.

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No it’s not a lot. I’m not sure why you have that idea. Yes it might take you a couple of years but it’s peanuts. Do you realize how much a good seller makes here after a few years?

You’re right. It’s for the top less than 1%.

best for luck hard working :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

What I meant is that I can’t get the same level of sales in Fiverr as I do in other platforms.

I’m freelancing full time, but with the same thorough efforts, Fiverr seems to be less fruitful than other freelancer platforms I use.

That’s why I think 20K is a lot on Fiverr, not for a freelancer in general.

Thank you for posting!

Keep in mind that those 20K are just one of the minimum requirements to be nominated for manually being looked at and being made (or more probably, not being made) TRS by the editorial team. There are many of us who have met all the requirements including the 20K and get an uplifting “We have decided you will stay at level 2” notification along with a helpful email telling us the same things to do which we all think we’re doing anyway, every single month from our first nomination for TRS, so don’t worry too much about the 20K, eventually you’ll reach it … and then the odds are you still won’t be TRS. At least until you reach the 20K, you’re safe from monthly rejection notifications. :wink:


I remember when I started earning $1000 a month as a big deal. For my first year I don’t think I ever earned that much.