Top Rated Seller label is gone from our gigs? 😱


We have three top rated seller’s gigs shown in this picture but the label “top rated seller” is now gone… is this a bug? Surely they don’t mean to do this intentionally. The label “new seller” is also gone. Can others please verify if they are seeing the same thing?


It showing here But Not showing on profile


It is appearing everywhere except on the actual gig.


Are you saying it still appears in the thumbnails? I only see level 1 and level 2 on them.


Not on the gig thumbnails. It is still on the filter on the left hand side and the badge is still under the profile image.


So there are four levels but they are only showing the two middle ones in the listings? Why keep taking away things that are needed so buyers can do a helpful search? It looks like they want to boost sales for levels 1 and 2.


Sheesh, it surely looks that way. No more TRS label but they are still on the seller’s profile thumbnail. With all the new evaluations, I wonder why they’d take away something one strives to get and keep???


No levels at all showing for me


I could understand if they only took away the new seller designation. But not the rest.



Rising talent with 0 REVIEWS?!


@thecreativeguys Wait what? Is that for all gigs or just the new sellers, or for top rated ones?


Just new sellers with 0 reviews and possibly just 1 gig.


As we’re talking Fiverr is adding/removing certain things

“NEW SELLERS” are now removed…


Sure looks broken, here’s a ss from your category.


So another attempt to damp down sales for top rated sellers? Why fiverr why?


This is the saddest thing I have seen today, although at least the pups look happy about it…


(And just in case anyone needed a reminder of just how rugged @eoinfinnegan is.)


I am getting different results for different searches.

I.e. - some searches the TRS text is removed, some other searches it’s still there.
The latest is the removal of the “new seller” text - because that just makes no sense when a seller has 1000 plus reviews and is labeled as a new seller.


I keep getting the feeling that fiverr doesn’t want us to get many sales.

Fiverr my prices start at $65 and now without that label I just look like an idiot.


They nailed me.


Don’t worry, you’re still my favorite unrated VO artist!