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'Top rated seller' level achieved

I achieved the TRS status October 2018. The feeling was like getting promoted in a real job :slightly_smiling_face:
Has the TRS status changed anything to my sales performance?
It certainly did, as many buyers reach me stating “…as you are a top rated seller in this category…”
Good luck everyone :kissing_heart:


I am also awaiting for that .And Hope I will be also in this year… Actually I am in hurry …:joy:

Top rated seller for 4 months means ?.. It has a fixed time ?

I mean I have been a TRS for 4 months now :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulation !.

But I thought for permanent if you can keep account statics same.

I am a TRS… still…

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I am asking that fiverr has given you that level for a fixed period (4 months) ?. And if yes then why it is for fixed time.Actually I haven’t proper knowledge about TRS.

No, it is not for a fixed period.
I just stated that I have been a TRS for 4 months now.

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This is really amazing feelings when you will be top rated seller …: :grinning:

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Thank you.
Wish you all the best.

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Is seller promotion also effects the views/impressions/clicks/conversion?

I’m not sure.
However, some buyers filter their search results to ‘TRS’… I think this is how the views/clicks get affected.

You are definitely gonna get more sales and potential customers.

Congrats Ammar,
I have checked your gigs, I think you may explain more to non-tech people how can they benefit from you service?
I tried hard to think how can I use your gig but it did not work for me. For example, if I want to have a simple application that log in to my portal and do stuff, can you do that?

I think if you can create a new gig and aim normal people or target common issues you can solve, then you can get more sales :slight_smile:
All the best

Thanks Khaled.
My gigs are specific :slightly_smiling_face:
That being said, only buyers that KNOW what they want come to me.
As you just said about the portal logging in and automating the thing, is one of the many things I can do.
I just received an order from a new buyer now for $170 to automate sending Emails to a list that has over 300 contacts (currently - but my work is dynamic so he can add more to the list and it would still work)… The email body and subject and attachments change based on the list information and conditions the buyer explained me for each contact (Row of data).

Simply put:
I automate the boring stuff that usually people do manually and takes them hours to complete DAILY in a simple click of a button in a matter of few seconds.

Thank you =)
Good luck

welcome to your achievement,best of luck