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Top Rated Seller Nomination Criteria

I am meeting all requirements for top rated seller but not nominated for TRS yet any idea when I will be nominated ?


It’s like a lottery, you gotta be lucky :four_leaf_clover: to earn this coveted and most sought after title. Many aspiring TRS sellers have been patiently waiting. Hang in there! :pineapple:


Does Fiverr still send those “you’ve been nominated to TRS” e-mails? That used to be a pet peeve of mine.

I hate being “nominated” if I’m not going to get it. Besides, most sellers are not going to become TRS. It’s an ultra-exclusive clique, although not as exclusive as PRO.

I wouldn’t worry about it. You don’t need to be TRS to get sales. In fact, being TRS can creative all kinds of problems- buyers that complain that you’re TRS and your work isn’t that great, and so forth.


thanks :slight_smile:


didn’t received any email yet

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I used to get them when I was level 2. I don’t know if Fiverr has changed that.

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You can’t escape from doing mistakes!!! It’s right that after nominating a TRS, you need to also learn more to stay at this position… And if you don’t want to be a TRS then you have not faith of your work and you have fare that people will see seller bad way (and also fiverr), if they find work bad…

So DARE TO BE A TRS to enhance and sharpen your skills, take it as a new opportunity, don’t think that becoming a TRS means you are perfect at your work, it’s just a reward for you

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I was a TRS, long ago, before the level system. Besides, you don’t become TRS because you want it, you become TRS when Fiverr wants you!

It’s like joining a secret society, they have to invite you. You don’t just show up and ring the door bell.

Also, please don’t tell me to sharpen my skills. I’ve been a copywriter for over 10 years, you’re not talking to some amateur faking it until he makes it. I already made in, in the real world, then I made it on Fiverr, then I got demoted, now I drive for Uber and Lyft.

It can happen to anyone. The level system doesn’t care how much money you bring in, you could bring $1,500 to $2,000 a month, and still get demoted. You could be in a category where you’re the only TRS, and still get demoted. You can have a personal success manager (all TRS’s do), and still get demoted.

There’s no human being that decides to demote you, it’s all done automatically. What isn’t automatic is elevation to TRS.


This bit isn’t correct, not all TRSs do. Maybe they did at some point, I don’t know. Assuming that having a personal success manager = what does or does not follow if you reach “Eligibility for Customer Success program” (as the benefit is called on the (levels page; reminds quite a bit of eligibility/nomination for TRS which may or may not be followed by becoming TRS, doesn’t it), that is.

It’s a perk that’s listed for both level 2 and TRS, by the way.

I quite like your “secret society” and not just showing up and ringing the door bell images, however. Makes it sound a bit cooler again, after the “Fiverr’s rock stars” got dropped from the levels page. :wink: I think the current wording for TRS is “elite group”, not bad either, I guess, but the “rock stars” did have something…


Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

True! We are entitled to nothing on this site. I used to work for another well-known writing site before Fiverr. They gave me the boot after I put “colour” instead of “color” in a client’s article. I used to make a lot of money on Fiverr, until there were suddenly 500,000 more writers and only 100 new clients. So, do the math. There isn’t enough work for all of us here, nor “quality” clients. I still do orders when I get them, but mainly it’s to pass the time because my real job pays well and I don’t need the $.


The discussion related to fiverr side is waste of time. We have to focus on our side, ie. SEO and quality content. We should not worry as fiverr is rewarding our work or not. We have to focus on our side. Then it depends upon fiverr algorithm to take our gig rewarded.

All over, I want to say that if we are doing quality work then we should not think about the results… What we have in our hand is important not which is in under fiverr hand and control…

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Once you get nominated, you must have an unique service that is liked very much, or just tens of thousands of reviews and a big queue. Then you’re pretty much guaranteed to get TRS.

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My instinct says, “soon, you will be nominated”.

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Actually there is a manual demotion process now.

Remember that email they sent a while back reminding us that TRS wasn’t forever? They were officially warning us that TRS will now be evaluated manually each month, on metrics we have no access to.

Also re: success managers

TRS and the success program are mutually exclusive. Being a part of the success program -which is now defunct I think- means you have an assigned success manager AND you can edit gigs without dropping in SERP


I’ve seen logo designers who only have around 100 reviews and have been here a year who became Top Rated Sellers. They are really good at what they do more so than most.

Fiverr does notice what every seller does.


Nope. Wrong.

You don’t need thousands of reviews or tens of orders on queue.

I got TRS before I got thousands of reviews in.

And if anything, having a large queue tells the search engine that you are inefficient. There’s no better way to stop getting new sales in than having multiple orders on queue.


untold- unrevealed criteria for TRS is - “being lucy”

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