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Top Rated Seller Nomination Problem

I was fulfilling all criteria for Top Rated Seller Nomination. and was getting the nomination 6+ times in the last year. But this year I don’t receive any nomination. I don’t know why? My earning is 100K+ and the average selling price is 50+. Now, what can I do for getting nomination again?


If you’ve reached the requirements for TRS - well done!

TRS is chosen manually by Fiverr staff using some method they haven’t really shared. Some people get promoted the first time they’re nominated … and some never do.

Just keep doing an excellent job and don’t worry too much about TRS promotion …


These were fake nominations, standard e-mails all level 2’s were getting. I think Fiverr realized they were giving people false hopes, so they stopped telling people they were nominated, only to disappoint them the very next day.

Your earnings are irrelevant by the way. Fiverr doesn’t choose people based on how much money they make. I know extremely talented sellers that haven’t been elevated to TRS even though they deserve it. It’s an unfair system.

The good news is you’re earning more money than many people who are TRS, but I get it, why get paid in 14 days when you can get paid in 7 days as a TRS?


Thanks for your time and advice.

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from 6 years no lucky :slight_smile: so its not that easy

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You have no evidence when you make that claim.

That is your personal opinion, probably fueled by emotion.

Understandable. But you shouldn’t make claims like that.

The reason why they stopped the automatic nominations altogether probably has to do with how much complaining and moaning we saw on the forum every 15th by level 2 sellers that felt immeasurably disappointed for not getting the TRS badge.

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I was a Top Rated Seller, ask anyone, they will tell you. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2013, I’ve seen all the changes, I remember when reviews where thumbs up, thumbs down. Yes, I’m that old. So you should learn from me instead of insulting me.

The complaining was 100% justified. I’ve never had a job where every month I’m told I’ve been nominated for a better job, only to get rejected the very next day.

The TRS is more than a badge. It’s the most privileged status on Fiverr. You get paid faster, you can have more gigs, customer service replies faster, etc, etc, etc. The only negative is that customers complain a lot more, expect a lot more, regardless of your price point.

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I’m not entirely sure why you felt insulted when I said you have 0 evidence when you claimed Fiverr’s nominations were fake.

I am on this platform since 2013.

Not only was I able to keep my TRS badge but I also got the Pro badge.

So maybe you can learn something from me as well?

If the nominations are automatic, then they’re not real nominations, are they? They’re more like trophies for participation, you get it for just being there.

Real nominations would involve Fiverr editors getting together, looking at different candidates, and choosing which ones to elevate to TRS.

You have a pro badge, right? You weren’t nominated, you applied and got accepted, or maybe you were chosen by Fiverr without applying.

But if you believe it’s OK to give people fake nominations, then I want you to work for me. Every month, I will tell you I’ve nominated you to receive $10,000 in cash, and every month, I will tell you that I’m very sorry, but you’re not good enough to get it, but please keep trying. Would you like that? I don’t think so.

I can now see what your train of thought is and all emotional burden aside, I see faulty logic.

When you fill out all the boxes (level 2, lifetime earnings, no warnings etc) the system automatically recognizes that you meet all criteria for the TRS badge.

Then the nominees are manually processed by the editorial team.

You getting the nomination is automatic since the criteria are known and you can see them on your dashboard.

The selection is manual based on things we suspect but don’t know.

I was asked by Fiverr to be a Pro back when the feature launched if that makes any difference to you.

It’s completely understandable to feel frustrated, I don’t blame you.

You used to make more money and were a TRS. Then your attitude and how you treated your clients, got your badge taken away and your income suffered.

I wasn’t trying to say your feelings aren’t valid.

But I did wanted to clarify that your claim that nominations were “fake” is similar to when people don’t like a fact and call it “fake news”.

The system doesn’t need to tell me that when I can see it on my Analytics page. If everything is green and I’m a level 2, I know I’m in good standing. The last thing I need are more e-mails in my inbox, that don’t mean anything.

I think Fiverr agrees with me, because they no longer send those e-mails.

See? You’re insulting people you don’t even know. Do you have access to my account? Have you read every interaction with my customers? Or are you defaming me based on a few bad reviews, mostly on one gig?

How I treated my clients had nothing to do with my demotion. I was TRS BEFORE THE LEVEL SYSTEM, my Order Completion Rate was 83% and it didn’t matter. Back then, a lot of sellers would refund problem buyers to keep their ratings up. When the level system came, I was told I need to improve my OCR, but I didn’t have enough time, so I got demoted.

See? You don’t know me, and yet you make assumptions about me.

We’ve been through this before.

I remember -vaguely- you admitting to the things I mentioned above.

When I finish talking to clients I will spend however long it takes to find that reply you made.

I am not attacking you, and I certainly don’t mean to deface you.

We can pick this up in private if you want for other people to not be a part of this.

Or I can simply stop replying to your posts.

I think they just worded it poorly. Should have been ‘qualified’ instead of ‘nominated’ in the notification.