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Top rated seller not worthy, or is this common

Seller, FRAGGLESROCK, is a scam artist out for more money on a very simple job. I have created the logo from two public domain images, and requested the seller simply “clean-up” the image. At this point I provided the two base images and explained what I have done. I am looking for the same with more of a professional input. Instead the seller, FRAGGLESROCK, is stating that this is a complicated job. It took me, someone with no graphic design knowledge, roughly an hour. I spent most of that hour learning the software.

I have simply asked that the colors on the shirts match the various layer colors, and design stay relatively the same.

This is my first fiverr order, is it common for seller’s to tell customer’s jobs are more complicated and ask for more money?

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed.

miacmht said:
  • But I'm curious, how did your clients react?

About 25% get pretty angry. 75% listen to the advice and allow you to get a new logo knocked up for them.

The 25% who get angry I won't work with and they are fired as a client instantly if I can't get them to change their mind. If they are being stubborn on a logo (most of the companies I deal with are start-ups and have yet to really put their logo to use) then they will be stubborn on a lot of things. You will never be able to deliver the results that they want because of this, so there is just no point trying to get their money. They will refuse to pay eventually.

Reply to @ryangillam: Well, it’s just that at least the seller in this story was offered $5 (which he refused), no one is offering us any $ here :))

But I’m curious, how did your clients react?

Reply to @miacmht: Not suggesting it. I am saying it :wink: and I honestly don’t mind what he says back :o I have told plenty of clients to their face that their logo is awful. Nothing fazes me now!

I assume the top picture is his and the center picture is yours? If so, I am surprised.

However, perhaps he got confused with your order and assumed you wanted those big bottom squares in there, thus in that case he did his job, and you could have requested a revision or a cancellation.

Here’s the truth about TRS, we have to earn it not just by selling, but by being selected by a Fiverr editor based on our performance, reviews, etc. Fiverr is not going to take a chance elevating someone to TRS if he doesn’t deserve it. So perhaps this is a fluke, it happens. Read his reviews, are they mostly positive? Is his rating high? like 97-100%? If so, that explains why he’s a TRS.

P.S. I don’t think he’s a scam artists, just an artists. Different artists have different skills. If I write headlines for you and you do not like them, does that make me a scam artists? I think not. My headline gig has 212 positive reviews and one negative. I assume skydesigner has similar ratings.

No, I used the bottom two images to create the top image. I still like to keep that logo (top image), well something very similar. My order was to “clean” the logo up. Nothing spectacular, something that should take no longer than 15/30 minutes for a professional (which is what I thought a “fiverr” was). You know ?sample? colors between the two images/ rotate/ relayer / adjust transparency/ whatever/ etc.

I created the top image from the bottom two images in 60 minutes. Most of the 60 minutes I spent; was me learning the software.

The seller is telling me it needs all this and that, which I’m sure a lot of people go yea yea, here is my money you’re a great designer. I know/understand exactly what he is saying it needs, and it doesn’t need anything like that. Otherwise I would have paid for those services.

Which now has me concerned about all of fiverr. I was hoping to have a logo done, then work closely with a couple programmers to beta test, clean, and rewrite code; I’ll be paying for many man-hours. My concern is if a fiverr is a 15/30 minute work by a pro, is everyone trying to cancel 15/30 minute transactions? Is there a way to prove that when I spend the $100+ for a day’s work I’ll get that? Or is everyone going to say that number is to low, I want more for things you don’t need?

What software did you use to create the image?

autodesk online photoshop

Reply to @henry_barhite: If you call that a logo, and be satisfied with it, I understand why he refused to work for you.

No offend, but you need to do research for what a logo is.

As for him saying it’s complicated, most likely he doesn’t understand your order, I mean you want to “clean” the logo up", but then end up with putting 2 images together to make an even more messy picture?

ps: calling out others isn’t allowed here. ^^

They mainly work in Illustrator. However, based on their portfolio and what you’re asking for, it seems to be two completely different things. What you’re showing is more along the lines of a complex graphic image.

Confusion likely broke out at the mentioning of logo. Yes they offer modifying services however not like the service you’re requesting. Apologies for the unpleasant experience.

Reply to @miacmht: “A logo (abbreviation of logotype,[1] from Greek: λόγος logos “word” and τύπος typos “imprint”) is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition”, which the top image does for a GIS labor management. Several layers each layer representing a worker or job function on a production line. Which graphic mark would you put on a company that sells an GIS based MES? SO WHY WOULD I WANT TO CHANGE IT?

Yes, I understand language differences; then Communicate that to the buyer. Auto-message, “Hey, I need _ days to translate your request, please give me time to understand the scope of the work”. The second reply should ask for any additional information, and then seller can confront the buyer about time frame, professioanlism, etc etc.

I didn’t expect this to be delivered over night, that would be outrageous on the buyer’s (My) part. NO ONE HAS 15/30 MINUTES RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Fiverr was advertised to me as a, “when you have a spare 15/30, do you want to make a quick $5”, “Need a “friend’s” input about a project, pay for his coffee”, company.

Maybe I’m calling out the system? Or maybe the system is still new enough that bad seller’s slip through the cracks. From the advertisement, no fiverr should require a two hour minimum purchase, to do a 15/30 minute job. If anything, buyers (like myself) understand that this is a 15/30 minute spare time gig and nothing more.

Reply to @henry_barhite: Okay. I was not talking about “definition of a logo”, but how it’s supposed to be. Type “logo” to google image search, how many logos come up that look like a book illustration like yours? Logo should be simple. But It’s neither my job or that top seller’s job to tell you that. If you go out to buy a tank top, thinking it should look like a shirt, then it’s not the seller’s problem. The seller’s problem is when you tell the seller to “remove sleeves from a tank top” and the seller can’t see why a tank top have sleeves.

Like in this case you want him to modify your logo and he can’t see a logo anywhere.

By him not understanding, I didn’t mean the seller didn’t understand English, but didn’t understand what you are talking about. Again " I mean you want to “clean” the logo up", but then end up with putting 2 images together to make an even more messy picture?".

If all you need is to put those 2 image together like what you have done, Then yes, it’s easily done by someone who’s familiar with the software. But that is in case he understands you!

And please understand that the amount of time sellers put into communicating should also be considered as well, not just when you actually order. Probably he just saw it’s too much work for $5: explain what a logo should be, talking back and fort to see what you want, then do the actual work. And with this attitude of yours, it just doesn’t worth. I’m only explaining things to you, while you seem to be shouting at my face?

Last but not least, you mentioned his very username in the opening post. That’s “calling out”, and not allowed.

Reply to @miacmht: “No offend, but you need to do research for what a logo is.” So, I over researched? I defined the basic concept of a logo. My logo is on par with most GIS logos. At this point, even you understand this should be an easy job, but the seller has sent more time refusing the work then asking me what I want or doing it.

As far as “calling out”, he is a particular seller and this is a particular case. My name is out there, and no rules states I cannot post the seller’s name for our transaction.

I’m yelling at you because you did offend me, You called my logo messy/junk, told me I don’t know what a logo is, and told me I have no right to describe the way the seller is treating me during this transaction (like you have your own rule book). You repeatedly and systematically insulted my intelligence.

Would you rather I submit this as an op-ed piece on this transaction to the Wall-Street Journal? They wouldn’t accept it, if I didn’t have his or my name.

Reply to @henry_barhite: Please read the forum rules:

Naming and shaming other users, be they sellers or buyers, is forbidden.

Adobe Illustrator, yep same basic system, layers rotate, etc etc etc

My purchase of a flat logo was just that. I expected some guy to sit there with a wacom board trace over (instead from drawing from scratch) what I have done in adobe illustrator and add their professional critique from there.

If it stunned or wowed me, add to the order and ask what else he could do to it. I still have things that need to be done to the logo later, but if it still fresh in the professional’s mind pay now instead of later.

Reply to @catwriter: "Do keep all posts respectful, constructive and concise so that all visitors can enjoy and benefit from the discussions. Also, this makes it easier for us to collect feedback - both positive and negative."

You understand, “Naming and shaming other users, be they sellers or buyers, is forbidden” is not actually there. It states, "derogatory name calling or that negatively calls out another user will be removed"

I know calling someone a scam artist is harsh, but it describes the act of selling a 15/30 minute job for 2 hours of pay. If there was a better vocabulary to describe that action, I would promptly edit.

Reply to @henry_barhite: Negatively calling out another user will be removed, yes. Because it’s not allowed.

You don’t have to trust me, though. Just wait for a forum moderator to see your post and remove the seller’s name.

Reply to @henry_barhite: Calling out is NOT allowed. Hence your post has been moderated.

Reply to @henry_barhite: You named Photoshop as the program the image was created in. Photoshop and Illustrator may be created by same company but their functions are different. In order to recreate what you’re asking for, in Illustrator, you have no choice but to retrace all present objects.

Tracing over the objects won’t result in the same end product as your sample image. Again, this could be a simple misunderstanding based how things are worded. You’re saying one thing, but its getting read differently.

You say you know “nothing” about graphic design. Then you raise an argument against someone who does know what he’s doing. Can’t digest that, really.

If the seller is telling you that your task requires more work, and you need to pay more, then that’s that. If you don’t want to trust the seller’s 100% positive rating by more than 700 satisfied clients, either:

(a) learn to do that job yourself (after all - it’s just 15-30 minutes of work, according to you, once you’ve watched a youtube tutorial?

(b) find another seller who would do the job cheaper (but all wrong)

© accept the bitter truth and pay what the job’s worth