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Top rated seller question

Hi guys
Can anyone help , I was due for evaluation today, I’ve hit all the targets but I don’t seem to have been moved to top rated.

Any ideas?

I believe the targets are just prerequisites for you to be considered for top rated, otherwise top rated sellers are hand picked at Fiverr’s discretion. They pick who they think is fit from among those who’ve fulfilled the targets.


This group of Sellers enjoys a growing number of exclusive benefits as they continue providing buyers with an overall excellent experience.

Note: This is a manual process. If you meet the Top-Rated requirements, our Editorial team will review your performance over the previous 60 days and will confirm your eligibility. Thereafter, you can be ranked as a Top-Rated Seller.

The above is from the Help Centre.

If you type “Didn’t get TRS” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed subject, which you may find interesting.


So does that mean they willl review it this month?

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Every account undergoes an automatic statistics and performance review every month. For the selection of TRS, if one fulfills all the necessary prerequisites, they are eligible to be manually evaluated for TRS consideration.

Being eligible for manual evaluation probably doesn’t mean one will actually be manually evaluated every single month. There are many factors behind the decision to promote someone to TRS, and Fiverr keeps that info to themselves.