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Top Rated Seller rating by Fiverr for a seller that is not even a level 1

Ok guys, first I want to make clear, that I am very very happy for the seller, I am not hating on her/him, I just want to know Fiverrs logic behind this.

A wonderful seller, got Top Rated Seller status, after joining 27 days ago, not even a level 1 yet. How is this possible? I think, you only get Top rated Seller, if you make Fiverr a lot of money, regardless of all the other cafeterias.

Am I wrong or is this totally unfair?

Reply to @kjblynx: I looked at the TRS profile this morning and it’s been 28 days since joining, 28 days since creating the gig, 99% rating.

Top Rated in under 30 days.

Yeah. I really like Fiverr too. Is a very unique concept.

Advanced Rating System::::

Seriously this is a BAD decision. Fiverr sellers are already being abused by buyers, and this will definitely give abusive buyers more leverage.

Let’s see how Fiverr will deal with us Top Rated Sellers abandoning ship.

I will be removing all of my gigs as soon as orders as processed. Let’s see how Fiverr likes it when they stop getting commissions from my $6000/month sales.

Maybe that’s the only way they will finally get it:

Sellers need to be protected, not pushed around and forced to deliver faster and for less money.

On your first note, I understand your frustration - I’ve been here for 3+ years and when they implemented the levels my 2nd year here, I was at Level 2. Guess where I have stayed this entire time?

And, with the new “Advanced Rating System” I’ll never achieve the Top Rated Seller… and now, I really don’t give a dang if I ever do. Fiverr’s move to implement this Star feedback system has just discouraged me from doing anything more than I have been doing…

I mean really, it is awesome if you can get rated Top Rated Seller, but how can you be a Top Rated Seller after 27 days? This is just spitting on all the good sellers that work there behinds off for recognition.

I guess all you got to do is look cute and make that money???

I do not see the logic in this. If anybody finds the logic behind that, other then Ranking=Sales then please let me know.

Reply to @potencia: You are right, we pay so much commissions, we should not pay for bad service or bad conditions like this.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: 3+years of hard work and not a Top Rated Seller…thats a shame!

Reply to @potencia: Your profile shows ZERO gigs sold???

My guess?

The 27 day “Top Rated Seller” you found… is Fiverr’s CEO’s granddaughter.


Mhhhh, must be.

Reply to @regency85: Alien Alarm, baby

Reply to @regency85: he must have deleted all…

Reply to @mimie01: I’ve asked twice to be considered as a TRS and each time they tell me I don’t qualify… add a video, blah blah - but with so many bugs on this site… I don’t want to risk the chance of my gig getting flagged and put into moderation for too long.

And, with this new Star Rating system, there’s no way I’ll ever be classified as a TRS. Many of my buyers have told me they don’t know why I have not been labeled as one, but that I’m a TRS in their eyes. That’s always nice to hear from clients.

I agree with everything you’re saying…but wow, that’s a lot of sales for less than a month. As usual, superficial looks trumps profound artistry or deep intelligence~ :-w

Reply to @celticmoon: not to even mention bad picture and sound quality. Really, do buyers care about quality at all? I am showing more boobs dam it…lol, no I am not

I thought you had to work your way up from L1, L2…without exception? At least have 60 days in. Hmm.

I know what you mean I too have been a seller on here for nearly 3 years and have yet to become a top rated seller even though all my gigs are 100% and so is my overall seller rating! I have contacted them twice and included my story, but I guess it just isn’t good enough. I use Fiverr to supplement my income and I know I could go to at least a part time job if I could only get TRS instead I have to work a 45+ hr a day factory job and then slave away to buyers on here over delivering every time only for Fiverr to implement this new rating system to totally screw us all over! i would love to have more time to be with my kids and that was the goal when I started on here, but after the new rating system I know I will never get TRS! I am at work 10 hrs m-f and then work a flea market booth on Saturdays. There is no way i can deliver any faster or respond any faster than i do. I am checking the app on my phone at lunch and on the way home and on the way into work but that’s as much as I can do! It really sucks to be bullied by the buyers in this way and sucks even more that Fiverr is giving them exactly the tools to do so!

Reply to @noscamparents: I totally understand and agree with you! I think there will be so many sellers that will have an average or bad rating, Fiverr will get ride of this soon. If not oh well, we will only be a reflection of of the platform Fiverr and the rating system.