Top Rated Seller Rating


I’m working hard at trying to achieve a Top Rated Seller Rating badge.

I’ve been a member for 7 months now and I’ve achieved level 2, 4 months ago. I have 95 orders in total, with 91 positive feedback. I’ve never received negative feedback, and my feedback score is 99%, with 5 star feedback score. I’ve made $988 in total since joining Fiverr. I’ve also had a few repeated customers and on multiple occasions they accepted my custom orders. I’ve also been posting my story and giving tips for making money on Fiverr and replying and helping people around the forum. I also message people on a timely manner when they have have questions regarding my gigs or orders in progress and I’ve never been late with an order, I’ve always ordered at least a day early. I also far pass their expectations by delivering more than what they ordered.

I’ve been putting all my effort into making Fiverr my full time work.

Am I any closer to achieving a Top Rated Seller Rating? I need help from Sellers who already have a Top Rated Seller badge.


You may need to get more orders before Fiverr start to take notice of you. Many TSRs in your field have feedback that’s into the thousands. Not many in any category make TSR with less than around 300 feedback. I’m at the same level as you and haven’t even considered TSR status yet, if I’m honest.

You’re on the right path though. A great feedback score and excellent service will always work in your favour. :slight_smile: I’ll leave it there so some actual TSRs can respond.


@marcyd1080 and @sara1984, I’d add one other point. That’s a wonderful amount of income, but my understanding is that you want to be making that amount each month consistently to start getting considered for TRS.


I will give you 4 tips personal to your account in becoming a TRS for $5 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Bad Joey Bad!


@marcyd1080 . Thanks for asking. Here’s what I always share when “trying” to gain TRS Status:

  1. TRS Status is given by the fiverr team, it’s not requested and quite frankly there is no perfect formula.

  2. As silberma said, the amount of volume you are doing is a big factor, but be careful because when doing large a number of orders, customer service is key. The question is can you deliver MANY orders without being late or sacrificing quality?

  3. Stay the course and remember to view the fiverr opportunity as a business. A pretty amazing business… Not a lot of overhead, you have a great platform to work on, and your customers come to you most of the time. Notice I said YOUR customers. There is a reason people pick from YOU and no-one else. :slight_smile:

    Stay encouraged!


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donaldjr said: 1) TRS Status is given by the fiverr team, it's not requested and quite frankly there is no perfect formula.
This is the most important point. Fiverr chooses how and why, when they want to. Obviously all the other 'steps' mentioned have something to do with it, but patience and plain old luck come into play too.

Just an observation by a lowly level 2. :)


Reply to @joeyjive: Now THAT’S how you get to be a top seller. :wink:


i want to be top rated seller :slight_smile:


I was gonna say it’s not possible to get a magic spell gig Top Rated, but apparently it is possible! :smiley: Oh my.

But you don’t need to do anything special to gain Top Rated. Just provide your best service and continue to make sales. Top Rated gigs are hand selected and you can’t make them select it any faster. If editors see your gig has excellent rankings and nothing but great sales history, it’s more ikely to gain top rated.


Reply to @joeyjive: Ha Ha very funny


That is a manual pick-up by fiverr team. you have to do more job. you are in the right path. good luck


I am @tanzilahmad also level two seller on web development but i did not get yet…this is actually depend on your more than about 500 good selling and here have many people who already have more than 1000 reviews but in level 2…so dont worry and keep going one day you can touch the positins. best__of __luck


The more obvious algorithms for how to achieve TRS are order volume, tenure, and rating with the fiverr editors hand-selecting you being the most crucial of the components. Some of the more unseen factors include; your customer interactions, your visual brand, and your copy.

Ask yourself… What does it mean that the fiverr editor’s hand select you to become a TRS? This editor works within the design, development, marketing, web 2.0 and startup sector, so we can only assume that their eye for quality is trained to peer into the profiles/gigs that stand out (in a good way). Make sure that your visual message is congruent and concise whilst being unique to your category.

Also, understand that your interactions are being quality checked! This happens at every level, but when you’re in consideration for TRS, it is my belief that a ‘certain amount’ of your interactions are combed through just to see what type of seller/person you are.

The most unattractive element to becoming a TRS is the time sacrifice. I remember being a level two seller for 2-3 years wondering if ‘it’ would ever happen for me. I kept my head down and I kept working extremely hard and really believing in fiverr as more than some extra ‘coins’ each month, so I put EVERYTHING I had into making it a premier as opposed to passive product.

Like @donaldjr said, the buyers now come to me, I don’t have much overhead, and fiverr is a robust and consistent anchor into my other web adventures going 5 years strong!


Hello! It seems like you’ve already got some great advice, but I’ll add my experience too. When I became a top rated seller, I already had a couple hundred orders, so I agree with the other sellers that you may need more volume. It doesn’t necessarily have to be thousands though! It sounds like you’re doing everything right, so just keep doing great work and giving great customer service, and it will probably happen for you. I was pleasantly surprised when I was chosen! You never know exactly what makes customer service choose sellers, but if you keep doing fantastic work, it’s likely their eyes will fall on you eventually.


I don’t remember if it was mentioned above (I’m in a hurry), but I think it also helps if the gigs are either in very popular categories - the ones that buyers come to Fiverr for- or if they are unique, and make a good ‘story’ for Fiverr to promote.