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Top rated seller requirements

These are the requirement to become top rated seller.

Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating)
Exceptional customer care
Have a low cancellation rate
Community leadership
Volume of sales

Can any one please elaborate the following.

  1. Community leadership : how can i achieve this.
  2. Volume of sales : approximately how much sale?
  3. Exceptional customer care : :confused:


NOTE: i am level 2 seller and need tips to become top rated seller


Hi here are some tips for you to be a top rated seller.I am also trying this methods.

1-Community leadership(You have to be a leader means you have to engage with the problems people have in the forums)

2-Volume of sales(You can contact to customer support to know the exact volume of sales.

3-Exceptional customer care(for me I guess it is a highly advance customer service level) :slight_smile:



thanks @lipu123 . will difinetly follow these tips.

yes. thats true. thanks @misscrystal

I match top rated requirements but still label 2 seller :frowning:

wish you best of luck. hope you will be pro soon.

Because top rated sellers are handpicked and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be a top rated seller even after completing all requirements. That only means that you will be “nominated for TRS”