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Top Rated Seller- Suggestions

Hey Top Rated Sellers πŸ’

What were the first few things you did when you got your badge? I received a notification from Fiverr to scale my services and prices.

I am thinking about adding new gigs too. I am so excited and so overwhelmed.

I think the most important thing is to ensure that I never lose it.

Just wondering what was your experience. Any tips will be welcome.


Hi how much time taken for you get the badge, after fill the requirements?

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Not long. It was my first evaluation after fulfilling the requirements.

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Very fast, congratulations

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Have you read this thread yet? How to Up Your Prices Sensibly and Sustainably - UPYOUR

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.


No, I haven’t. I will check it out.
Thank you for sharing.

Congrats, I would like to ask you few questions.

What is your avg. selling price? How much total orders you have completed? And canceled orders?

I am nominated seller as well :slight_smile: