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Top Rated Seller Today!

So, after years and years on Fiverr delivering high-quality work, I got the TRS badge today. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to happen at all, since I’ve been providing the same quality and premium services for several years (obviously I got better at what I do as time goes by). So I simply expected that my niche was too… niche… for the TRS seller level.

Anyway - I was pleased as a level 2 seller, but I must say that getting the TRS badge for me is more of a joy than I expected. It’s less about the benefits of being a TRS (sure, it might help me get even more orders - who knows…) and more about the recognition from the Fiverr team. A professional is always happy to see his work being recognized.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked as a professional voice over, and before that, I worked in radio. I also became a journalist. The other day, I recorded an audiobook about living life doing what you want to do, instead of waiting until you retire to do so. And while I was sitting in my voice-over booth, warm, hot, lacking oxygen and getting blurred vision (did I mention, warm and hot?!) from the fact that my damn light has stopped working, so it’s completely dark in there except the glaring screen, I realized something. I’m already doing what I love. I’m living my passion every minute I’m recording, every minute I’m writing content, and every minute I’m translating content.

Getting the TRS badge for me was a reminder that, hey, dude, you’re doing what you want to do in life already! And even when you think you’re never getting that badge (just like I thought) - you could remind yourself of the fact that what might be stopping you is doing something else than what you’re supposed to do in life. Because if you fulfill the “meaning of life” by doing what you want, badges, levels, and all that other fuzz (I’ll admit, fun fuzz!) mean less and less to you as you advance through life.

Still, it served as a reminder that I’m doing something right, and I’m thankful to Fiverr and the people here for helping me reach my potential and doing what I want in life.

Because that’s what Fiverr is - if you found your “thing” in life: an opportunity to do what you want. It might not be that for everyone, but I wanted to write down my thoughts while they’re still fresh so that whoever reads this might realize the same as I did while recording that audiobook in my dark, hot, humid studio: if you’re doing what you want in life, and if you find the “meaning of life” and then make it a reality, what others say becomes less and less important.


Congratulation man achieving TRS badge in Fiverr not a simple thing its takes time effort and many things.

It’s dream for many sellers like to achieve even my self.

Good Luck and Happy Selling.


Congratulation. Hope for a good luck and life ahead.


Congrats! That’s super exciting.

I’m in a similar position. Working full time as a voice over artist from home, sitting in my warm booth lol. Still waiting on the TRS nod from the Fiverr team, but that’s ok. It’s pretty surprising how much business you can actually drum up at Level 2. All in all, no matter what level we are, it’s pretty great to be doing this kind of work isn’t it?


Thanks man! However, the post is more about the fact that you should do what you want in life - what makes you happy - and good things will happen to you! So it’s less about the badge, more about actually fulfilling your own “meaning in life” (oooof, that sounds so cliche, but it’s true!).

Still, I must admit the email made me jump in my chair. Haha!

@tro2789 - Exactly! My entire point is that, even though the TRS badge is a cool thing to get, to me, it was more of a reminder that I’m already doing what I love in life. It’s not the level that’s important, but your hapiness. And I already had that long before I got the TRS badge.

I’ve been a level 2 for many years, and I make a good living from it. Who knows if my business will grow even further now, but since I’m already in a very good place that’s not the most important thing.

My voice-over work started out as a fun project to see if I could do it, and ended up with a big custom (badly ventilated) booth and 10 years of great paid fun. Who can ask for more? :smiley:

(Edit: I could ask for a silent fan as a christmas gift, I guess!)


Congrats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
May you achieve more :slight_smile:


Congratulations! for your great achievement.

I am a level 2 seller. Hope, I will be a TRS one day.


Yes, it is true!

JHk7WIv on getting your TRS Badge!


Congratulations :tada: :tada:


Welcome to the club.

Remember: “with great power…comes great responsibility.”





Many congratulations! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, go ahead and keep us on your prayers


Congratulations! Would you mind sharing how long you were eligible for TRS before you were chosen for the promotion?


Congratulations!:heart::heart::heart: Best of luck.


Wow… Congratulations :heart:


Congratulations, you deserved it!

I can feel the happiness in your writing and it makes me really happy for you :heart:


At least 3 years lol


Congratulations for achieving so big today. :partying_face:


Cngratulation. Best of luck for future :purple_heart: :purple_heart: