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Top rated seller with 3 sells?

I was visiting this profile and i saw a very different thing on fiverr. How can be someone Top rated with only 3 Sells ?
This is the person i am not critising her i am just asking how can someone be top rated that way??************

Possibly she had other gigs that she took down for some reason?

Don’t know at-least i can’t find any.m confused

I think I found the answer. It seems she may be an employee of fiverr:

I did a Google search and found this link.

Fiverr staff have seller accounts but not all of them use the accounts actively. I assume they are automatically TRS accounts but I don’t really have other info about them. I wouldn’t worry about it. They aren’t like regular seller accounts. That particular one does belong to a staff member as @misscrystal said. If it bothers you, feel free to ask CS about it.

Oh not at all. I was just surfing some top rated profiles and she appeared.That’s why i got confused.
and please tell me one more thing if a post like this one is inappropriate for any category where to place it ? Thanks

Yeah she is. i got it too. Thanks

Ah, the nepotistic 5-star account. One of them is related to undelivered t-shirts and has a lot of “order cancelled!” reviews, yet five stars. I’d link to it but I saw it a long time ago and didn’t think to save it. Besides, wouldn’t want to violate the precious forum rules now, would we? :wink:

Fiverr does amuse me sometimes…

Lol ema! They might give you a second chance. You are one of their faster growing tr writer. your writing skill has a taste of humor in it they can’t block you for breaking one minor rule :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve often wondered who the “biggest” writer on Fiverr is (income rather than gigs).

Actually, wouldn’t it be fun to have a league? Kind of like in football but listing the “best”. I think it would add a nice competitive touch, and it’s also a neat trick to get buyers to see at a glance the most reliable etc sellers.

Plus, USP. No-one else is doing this. The only people who would complain are people who are rubbish at their job and facing relegation. lol.

Ha such a tremendous idea, would only provide a better visualization of sellers. Don’t know how you imagine terms like USP, you are a walking dictionary emma.

Where do I apply for the job? :smiley: That’s the shortest way to become a TRS :smiley: :smiley:


Good Luck :smiley:

I’m not sure how short it would really be since you’d have to move to NYC, Tel Aviv, or one of the other office, locations. That sounds complicated. :wink: