Top Rated Seller without any Single GIG


Hi Fiverr,
Today i noticed something on fiverr. I visited some of the random top rated sellers profiles with random search. And noticed that there are not gigs to show on profile. I was wonder how it is possible to be a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr without a single gig. I Don’t know How ?
Is there any possibility or feature to hide your gig from public random search ??


Could be either their gigs have been deleted or paused.


You can the gig it so it disappears when a certain number of orders has been reached so that you are not overwhelmed with work. That may be the case here. :slight_smile:


My gigs are paused as I am overbooked at the moment.


May be they have set Order Queue option and they got the maximum orders and gig disappeared.


I have seen one with no gigs, and on the description, it was written: CEO of Fiverr. I just laughed and continuing doing my thing. I don’t think this should bother you anyway. Focus on your goals.