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I’ve been on Fiverr for about three years, and I’ve never had such a bad buying experience. I bought a gig from a Top Rated Seller to sing my pre-written hook. I provided him with a sample of how it should sound and told him to sing it in a R&B style since that’s one of the styles he offers. He delivered the recording back fairly quick (despite having a 14-day delivery time). When me and my manager heard it, he sounded like he was straining/yelling. So I submitted a modification request. I can tell he was offended by my “straining” comment, but that’s how my manager described his singing. She liked his voice, but she wanted him to just tone it down. So when he submitted it again fairly quick, it still wasn’t like my sample. He was still screaming it like a rock song. But I didn’t ask for another modification because I know, understand, and respect the work that goes into singing gigs. So I left him a positive yet honest review, but I said something like, "I’m giving the seller a thumbs up because he was willing to record the hook again. He still didn’t sing it right, but I’m going to order another gig to try to get it right. Thanks for your effort."

This guy sent me a message saying, "Kid, you got a lot of nerve leaving a review like that. What kind of RnB do you listen to? Haven’t you ever heard an RnB artist belt a hook? Usher perhaps? . What exactly do you want from this? If I sang it how you put it down it’s going to sound weak… If that’s what you like, I’ll do it. But yeah, please purchase another gig and I’ll get to it in about 14 days. Thanks."

I found it to be rude, unprofessional, and uncalled for, especially since I said I was ordering another gig. Why would someone get mad and send such a message when I gave him a thumbs up? WTF?!

It pissed me off, so I changed my review with an update, and gave him a thumbs down. Then I responded to his message explaining why.

In conclusion, you can not expect to get top notch service just because someone has a Top Rated Seller badge. You have to understand that you’re not always dealing with a real company. Most sellers consist of individuals who are here to make money. Each person is only as professional as they want and choose to be. I’ve only ordered a gig from two Top Rated Sellers in my three years on this website, and both seemed like a waste of money. One gig was from a Fragglesrock who offers a SEO gig, that had no real proof or benefits, and the other was this singer who has poor customer service skills.

I’m a seller myself, and I know what to and not to expect from people, but I would never talk to a buyer in this manner, no matter how demanding they are.

Okay, I’m done. I just wanted to get that off my chest. I have a feeling he’s going to be pissed about the negative review, but I was honest, and I believe in leaving something that’s beneficial to his potential buyers.

UPDATE: The seller sent me another message, and he still came off a bit of a “dick”, but wants to do it for free. But I’m not into covering up the truth by having reviews removed. No thanks. Buyers need to know about his bad attitude. I rather find another singer.

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Make sure you update the story after he see’s his review… Don’t see why he would get all butt hurt over that. Especially since you were going to purchase another gig and left his positive feedback even though you were NOT satisfied with what you had received… I’ve never hever heard of anyone screaming in an R&B hook…


Well I have to disagree with you on one part of the issue. If you felt like what he did deserved a thumbs up with the review you left initially; it’s a bit unethical to change it simply because of how he responded. You are rating his work not how nice the guy is. Ofcourse the seller was upset about that, but he essentially tried to explain why he did it the way he did, that’s not a reason to make the feedback even worse.


Reply to @est1990: Now that his 100% is now a 97%, he keeps messaging me. But here’s my thing…he’ll apologize, but in the same breathe, tell me how wrong I am for my honest review. I have no sympathy for this guy.


Reply to @finalstep: You have your opinions, and I have mine. Its unethical because I changed my feedback from an undeserved thumbs up to a thumbs down. You can rate people how you want, but I’ll stick to rating sellers based on work, communication skills, and customer service. I don’t mind giving a thumbs up, but being honest about the service, but if you’re gonna come at me with attitude, then the public needs to know what kind of seller they’re about to deal with.


I would have done the same thing, probably, if I’d been in your shoes. I don’t think what you did is unethical at all. The feedback system is designed so potential buyers can get a sense of a seller before they invest money in them (and I wish it worked the other way, too, so sellers could get a sense of buyers before significant time is invested). Why should you leave a thumbs up when the seller is disrespectful? That doesn’t help the fiverr community at all.

musiclover said: "Kid, you got a lot of nerve leaving a review like that. What kind of RnB do you listen to? Haven't you ever heard an RnB artist belt a hook? Usher perhaps? . What exactly do you want from this? If I sang it how you put it down it's going to sound weak.. If that's what you like, I'll do it. But yeah, please purchase another gig and I'll get to it in about 14 days. Thanks."

I clicked on this thinking "this can't be the worst experience, no way" passive aggressive messages they sent you after your review, ew. You attract more flies with honey!

While I don't agree with how you or the individual handled some of these road blocks (no offence) the only thing that can be learned from this comes from what he states:

"If I sang it how you put it down it's going to sound weak."

You provided everything upfront and clear and they choose to ignore 'your style'. I've had this happened with a few orders, my gig is for one thing only and they want it a slightly different way or style. Before I complete ANYTHING I provide a 'disclaimer' that's it's not going to be EXACTLY like the gig states I provide, but it going to be what YOU (the buyer asked) requested.

This way, if something does happen (basically you're nightmare experience) the communication and agreement was already made and clearly stated in first initial messages back and forth prior to completely any work so an situation like this one can be eradicated quickly, completely, and the seller cannot backtrack.

If it was me, I'd just cool off then come back and talk to them a little more. See what they're wanting to do and after you've talked it through change the review to something positive Find the good in the situation. Maybe stating they're flexible? Willing to do what it takes exactly to leave your happy, ;)

They're not going to learn anything from the thumbs down, people learn from the experience not consequence it's self. People makes mistakes, and if they want to fix it, let them! I'm a firm believer of 'what goes around comes around' so if you can leave a little positivity with the seller that's going to be the best win of all.

Best of luck to you!


Reply to @ozzieuk: Again, I stand behind my feedback. I could’ve given him a negative one right off the back, but I didn’t. Instead, I gave him a positive comment. He should’ve taken that and ran with it. Feedback is for an overall experience. Good job linking to my forum post. -_- I still stand behind that as well. Every order is different. Every seller is different. Every buyer is different. Everyone has an opinion, but the only thing that matters is how YOU handle your own situations. :wink:


I think you did the right thing there! That message would really have driven me nuts. It stuns me how some people manage to maintain a good rating when they clearly have very poor customer service skills.


In truth your actions were warranted and clearly would have been appreciated by any reputable seller on this platform. By simply pointing out the areas where you would have liked him to improve the gig ordered was spot on. However his actions and comments made clearly shows a high level of disrespect and genuine unwillingness to accommodate your purchase. You handled the situation quite well and should be commended.


Thanks everyone!

Now, this guy has sent me 8 messages back to back. I have not responded to any of them. I just don’t want to work with this guy, nor want his vocals on my song now. I hate being harassed, and I shouldn’t have to be harassed into changing a honest review.

Not only that, but now that I haven’t replied to his messages, this guy has ordered one of my gigs. And posted this on the order page,

“K … so all i want is for you to listen to my fix and be adults about the situation at hand … for this im willing to buy a gig… listen to the fix, change your review and not only do you get the vocal reference you wanted, you’re literally breaking even. AND ill give you a stellar review on your gig … can we come to an agreement here? “Life is very short … and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend.” - the beatles”

The bottomline is, I will NOT allow someone to sucker me into doing what they want me to do.

I do not want his fake review on my gig! My gigs are for real buyers, who post real reviews. He's going about things in such a bad manner. I hope he just moves on.

I've contacted Customer Support, and I pray they are able to block him from contacting me and from ordering my gigs.


Reply to @musiclover: Geez, he’s very keen, isn’t he? While I understand his desperation in having the bad feedback removed (I would be rather insistent), he shouldn’t have acted that way in the first place. Let’s hope CS deal with this appropriately. And let’s /definitely/ hope that they don’t treat him with a more positive bias because he has a higher rating than you.


Reply to @boslass: I hope not either. I just want him to stop bothering me. 97% is still a good rating. It won’t effect him much. I understand the woes of being a Fiverr seller, but there’s just a certain way to go about things.

I have two negative feedbacks. One from a buyer who wanted me to give him a personal photo of myself to accompany a review I wrote for him (it wasn’t part of my gig offer, but I did find him natural looking stock photos he could use. Plus the review was written from a male’s perspective, and I’m a female, so his last minute request wasn’t applicable.) The other negative feedback I had was just a thumbs down, and I didn’t realize it until months has passed. I have no idea why the buyer gave it to me, because his mobile landing page came out great. But then again, those were in the beginning of my fiverr career, so I now handle things a lot differently now which has kept me from receiving any negative feedback, because I always tell my buyers to contact me if they want anything changed.

But nevertheless, everyone handles their customers differently. Hopefully this will help him become a better seller. Sometimes you just have to watch what you say to people because you never know how someone will take it.


“I’ve only ordered a gig from two Top Rated Sellers in my three years on this website, and both seemed like a waste of money.” This is going to sound “rude” but… seriously? That’s some big ol’ stash of evidence eh? One gig every 500 days? My, my, yes all TRS and ‘levelled’ sellers must be a complete con/rip-off/waste of money based on that exhaustive, empirical evidence!


Reply to @emasonwrites: It’s a shame there’s no way of rating buyers who order then cancel with attitude. In fact, it’s a shame there’s no way of vetting orders before they come in, because cancellation and rating percentages get skewed thanks to this kind of buyer.


Reply to @londonblue: Clearly, you interpreted my post. So let me be clear… I only ordered two gigs from TRS, not because I don’t trust them, but because I never had the need for anything from one. And in my opinion, those TWO PARTICULAR GIGS WHERE A WASTE OF MY MONEY.

Do you understand now? I hate when people take something I said and go off on the deep end.

Anyhow…moving on.


UPDATE: This seller is a real nightmare. He has declined my mutual cancellation request (I figured he would though), and now ordered my gig extra. And pretty much told me he will never stop until I change or remove my feedback.

Some people would give in to his threats, but I refuse be bullied into doing something I don’t want to do. He’s just making things worst on himself. If he loses his TRS status, it will be his own fault.


Reply to @madmoo: I’m sorry, but I expected you to say that. You’re bias because you’re a TRS. You haven’t read all his messages, which are all passive aggressive. He always starts off with some fake remorse, then end it with a statement to make me feel like I’m wrong. I could care less about his status and his resentment. He should’ve thought about that before he posted what he posted. There’s always a reaction to an action. I don’t expect everyone to understand or even agree. This is the ranting pot, so I’m just ranting. Hopefully other sellers will know what not to do, and hopefully other buyers will have the courage not to allow a seller to intimidate them.

A negative feedback is not the end of the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re level 0 or TRS, if you get one, all you can do is try to work it out with the buyer. If they refuse, take it and move on.


I agree with Angie (@madmoo) on this one I am afraid. If you left the seller a positive rating in the first instance then marketplace etiquette would be that you left that feedback there, chalk it up to experience and remember the price you paid for the service, you shared your comments etc.

Personal taste are no grounds for rejection of an order / negative feedback, his reply was wrong but as a seller yourself, imagine yourself in the same situation, having a positive thumbs up but a negative comment sat on your account, I know for sure it would piss me off, Fiverr is now my full time job, yup, it pays the bills, mortgage the whole 9 yards. Personally I encourage buyers to come back to me in private with their feedback, messages can be totally misconstrued on the internet don’t take it personally, breath and move on…



You change your feedback because a seller insults you. The seller then proceeds to purchase one of your gigs, suggesting that they will leave you a fake positive review only if you change your negative one. When you refuse to accept his bribe, he then refuses to cancel the fake order, adds more to the fake order and claims that they won’t stop this tactic. No pre-discussion. No “how can I turn this into a positive for us both”. No “let me make this right”. Just a “now I will leave you a negative review if you don’t change yours”.

For whom do you feel sorry? The TRSeller?