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I do not understand how Top Rated Seller can be a Top Rated Seller is 50% of his gigs was canceled?

Sorry Ryan, I am a bad guy here:). But you always can pause your listing…


PM me the link of the person you’re talking about, I’m interested in seeing it. Was the cancellation due to lateness or mutual cancellations? Maybe his or her performance in the past was superb, became a TRS, and then started slacking off. Or maybe that gig doesn’t get a lot of orders and has suffered a lot of cancellations.

You know what, my seller is back and promise delivered articles today. Sorry guys, I am superstitious. I do not want push my luck to much…


You meant me.

I was sick for a while hence the cancellations. Mutual cancellations actually get added to the total. I also had people who, for some reason , ordered my ‘tip gig’ when the other gig was paused and cancelled when I didn’t deliver it.

My cancellation rate isn’t 50% though. It is 12% over the past three years. I have no idea where the 50% comes from. I don’t even know where you can see the cancellation rate nowadays.

I have the TRS status because customer support know why I am late on some orders. Also; cancellation rate doesn’t impact TRS at all, not late delivery cancellations at least. I have 100% positive feedback otherwise.

ib0014 said: Sorry Ryan, I am a bad guy here:). But you always can pause your listing...

Sometimes you can't pause it quickly enough. I didn't anticipate getting sick!

(for reference to anybody that reads this; my cancellation rate was not 50%. He didn't see that anywhere, that is why he is asking for this thread to be deleted)