Top Rated Sellers, are they?


Hi all,

I just noticed this thing and I though to discuss it with you guys :confused:

So this is a Top Rated Seller who is doing voice over for ages. Then he decided to start video animation service and by default he is a Top Rated Seller in animation videos right!? Then maybe he wants to create a logo design gig, and for sure he will be TRS in logo design category as well!

So I am thinking, should the badge be related to the category? Like TRS in voice over and new seller in animation for example :stuck_out_tongue: Or it is good as it is since these sellers can maintain high quality service no matter what category they are in and whether they do the job themselves or they outsource it?

But if you think about it, it is not fair for other sellers. Say a true animator/writer/whaverer wants to start on fiverr, starting as a new seller is painful and needs a lot of hard work and maybe sometimes you need to sell your gig for low cost to get more buyers. On the other hand, TRS can simply create the gig and their “badge” will get the buyers running to them. How correct is this? I don’t know!
I just noticed some TRS offering gigs that have nothing to do with their major gig/category.


All sellers can have multiple gigs in whatever category they want on their profile. I could have 20 different gigs in 20 different categories (there’s an idea!).

A profile has a level, not a gig. Can’t see anything unfair about it. Does this complaint extend to all sellers or just TRS? :wink:

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I have heard that customer support either warns sellers or demotes them if they do this. I’m not sure if that is true for all levels, but it is true that if you are a Top Rated Seller in one category you might get demoted if you have gigs in other categories.

Someone on the forum mentioned they were demoted from TRS for this.


Don’t understand this - it’s a profile that has a level, not a gig.


I agree but that was what someone said one time in the forum. That you are given the level based on your performance under a particular category and it might be true just for TRS.


I’d love to see CS find something in the ToS that states this. :wink:

They encourage sellers to have gigs in multiple categories etc.


Top Rated Seller can create gigs in any category. but if they not perform good, buyer will give negative review to them. so in next evaluation day they will loss there TOP RATED status. :grinning:


How do you know this?


He’s a TRS! :slightly_smiling_face:


Think of it as you would a retail store. The level refers to the seller’s overall attitude. Gig ratings pertain to individual products.


I agree because we know that Trs are manually nominated by fiverr and that means that fiverr says : this guy is a good seller and delivers good work.

  • I think that a top rated seller wouldn’t take the risk to be demoted because of a new gig with bad reviews. If he created this gig we can imagine that he thinks he is competent. Clients will confirm or not…
  • “top rated seller” is a badge for sellers, not for gig.

Let’s wait the next evaluation…


So am I but I don’t know if this is correct or not. I was searching for the thread about the TRS who got demoted for having new gigs under different categories from the one he earned the badge under. He said that customer support told him this is why he got demoted.

He only had one or two gigs that were still under the original category.

It was in the past year that this thread appeared.

It is possible to be demoted for this if you are a TRS according to that thread.


Just to be fair, the three TRS that I have seen, they all are doing well with there new gigs! 5 stars all the way :smiley:


Maybe he changed the current gig and moved it to another category. I wanted to do that lol but I contacted CS they said big NO.
I had few gigs with 5stars reviews, and I decided to delete them and create new gig but wanted to keep the rating.


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I remember a thread like that, he thought it was some other reason first, but later on updated that he was told it was because some new gigs he had set up didn´t align with what he got his TRS badge for.

One has to keep in mind though always that often people only tell part of the story here and it might be a combination of different things leading to such decisions.


I think he deleted all his old gigs and switched to selling something completely unrelated to his original gigs.

I would like to have some gigs of other types but don’t want to risk it.


Ah, yeah, well, eventually, he said he did something he shouldn´t have done, using the reviews gained with one gig for another category gig. So, there might be a chance that it´s okay when you do it the correct way, but I´d not risk it either before having cleared it well with Fiverr.