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Top Rated Sellers Criteria?

As we all knew that Top Rated Badge is Given by Fiverr Editors Manually.
But What is The Criteria for Becoming top Rated Sellers ?
Requirements ?

Win 100 Spelling Bees.
Climb Mt. Everest 10x.
Bungee Jump over the Niagara Falls.


This is a joke, do not attempt any of the above.


Bribe the staff with at least $10,000.

Sit back. Enjoy success.


Nika -

Your information is out of date. It is now:

200 Spellings Bees.
Climb Mt. Everest 20x with 40 lbs of weight strapped to each ankle.
Bungee Jumping is now optional.


Hello yes I have advices for winning 200 spelling bee

  1. always nice and polite to judge
  2. say please and thanks after get word to spell
  3. ask judge to rate ur spell (send him a letter if he forgot)
  4. always give free revision of word spelled
  5. always call judge sir/mam/uncle/dear/bro/

soon you will top speller



You see that on the left? That’s the customer. And that on the right? That’s you. Be a better one of those.

Additionally, be one of these and sell cheap plastic crap in volume from China and you’re even more on track.

Lastly, if you don’t look like one of these, then you’re doing it wrong.

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Too real. (20 characters)

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Holy cow! he has his work cut out for him. :muscle:: :joy:

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Disturbingly accurate.


Actually that reminds me of someone I know…


Wow. @misscrystal, that is a perfect depiction of my commute and work day. How did you know? :wink:

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I really wish I had TRS status


I can tell you what removes TRS, if you want!

Finding that you have been removed from the search engine on Fiverr, with the staff not being able to work out what is actually wrong.

Then lose your TRS because you are not making enough sales, even though you have been complaining for a while that you have had 0 impressions on your gig.

Try doing the reverse?


seriously i didn’t find any beneficial reply here . i was askin serious:unamused:

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Very accurate.

From the Levels Page, the requirements are:

Maintain a high star rating (4.7-5 star rating): Got good feedback from your customers
Exceptional customer care: Buyers don’t complain to Customer Support about you
Have a low cancellation rate: Avoid the cancellations
Community leadership: Post on the forum without spamming
Volume of sales: Sold a lot of orders

That’s the theory… But I don’t know the reality, because I saw TRS sellers with only 200-300 sales and with 95-96% or 4.6-4.7 rating :thinking:


Maybe having a sense of humour is a requirement for TRS?

Apart from what’s listed on the Fiverr levels page, nobody can tell you anything extra, becasue TRSes are hand picked - sorry if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.


Thanks for your comment , that is helpful.

Plenty of newer threads for people to comment on…
PS. I am in need of a new soul, I bartered mine recently and kinda miss it. Would like a new or nearly new one if possible but any in decent condition will do. Will pay extra if you can also give me an inner monologue voice with a Scottish accent to make my inner conversations more interesting.