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Top rated sellers. Did you see an increase in your ranking after being promoted to top rated seller status

I’m very close to reaching the threshold to become a top rated seller. I was wondering if any top rated sellers out there saw their gig listings rank higher after being promoted?


Based on my personal experience there is no boost in ranking when you get the badge.

You may get some additional traffic from people who use the TRS filter when searching for sellers, but that will be countered by you probably wanting to raise your prices, which will alienate you from your current audience and it will take a while to find your new market segment.


I’m not a top rated seller (Only level one). The number of reviews you have is more important than the badge.

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When you promote your gig thats mean you can get more Views from Buyer.

When I was promoted to Level 2 from Level 1, I had an increase in orders as well as gig impressions and views. But nothing remains constant here, it changes according to the website algorithm.

But more interesting will be to see when you get the Top Seller Badge finally after you successfully complete all criteria for the Top Seller badge and get nominated for it. It is a manual process and I read many posts on the forum where Sellers from different categories saying they didn’t/never receive the badge even if they successfully completed all criteria and constantly earning well.