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Top rated sellers - how long it took you for your first sell?



Title says it all.
Basically i m a new seller, opened up 3 gigs(like 2, 3 days ago) and waiting for an order. I m just wondering how long is it possible to wait?



try to join in the “buyer requests” that will help you get orders


Here waiting can be forever.
So don’t just “wait”. Stand up and do something to help yourself.
Grab hold of your gig and place it before your target audience.
Remember not to spam other users in an attempt to promote your services. Wish you all the best.


I’ve been here for 8 years, and have made over 10, 000 sales with 6000+ positive reviews, I am not top rated however…

Curious why you would only be asking “Top Rated” sellers - this question, experienced level 1 and 2 all made “first sales”…:thinking:


What are you doing here, may I ask? You’re not allowed, it’s only for Top Rated sellers :smirk:

You better walk your way out before you get into trouble for trespassing :laughing:


:joy::joy::joy::rofl::thinking::zipper_mouth_face: questions like this never cease to amaze me… lolol


There are only a few top rated sellers who post here regularly. I’m one and I don’t wish to talk about my first sale. It was years ago.

This is a much different site than it was six years ago when I began. There were not as many sellers. There was less than one tenth the number of sellers so what is true now would not be true back then.


Great seller!!
Your statistics are up there with the top rated sellers!!


Socialhonor is a great seller who started slightly before I did. She can qualify as someone with the same experience and statistics as any top rated seller.


Hi,You should always send buyer request and optimize your gig for buyer so that buyer believe you.


You got it all wrong, for me top rated seller is also level 1 and level 2, sry for confusing you but i m still new haha


I’m still a new seller- I only joined in November. I think it took me about a week before I got my first message, and I hadn’t downloaded the app and I hadn’t really banked on Fiverr actually going anywhere for me, so I didn’t bother to check for a while! It ruined my response rate for a while haha.

But after that first message, I downloaded the app and got another one like 48 hours later- that was my first sale. I’ve now made just over 100 sales in the 2 months I’ve been here. I tried using buyer requests but personally, I didn’t get very far with those. Maybe because of my specific service.

So I’m not really top rated (I haven’t been active for enough time to reach level one, all the other requirements are met), but I would say it took me about 10 days for my first sale, but it could have been sooner if I’d been checking the app properly.


Hmm so you re telling me just because of the app you ve got your first offers?

I ve downloaded the app last night, didnt get any offers but some guy did contact me :slight_smile:


haha , his suggestion is also so welcome na


You are right Miss :grinning: