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Top Rated Sellers: Revenue?


How much do you top rated sellers earn each week / month and how many gigs do you complete? I see people on here (the forums) having been members for one whole year and are squeamishly happy about completing 400 gigs and earning $1000 - which doesn’t seem to be much at all. $1000 would buy me a pretty mediocre laptop here, not more :confused: Do I have a skewed image of money and will I be disappointed here on Fiverr, or is the economy different in the US? I’m really confused. I’d be happy to read your stories!

BigMac Index where I live: $7,62 (


Well fiverr has diverse population and USD conversion rate differ too.

In asia 1 USD starts from 40 bucks to 120 bucks depending on country. In europe, it may not be much like 1 USD is less for the EUR conversion. That said, when you get to earn 200 bucks passive from fiverr it all adds up. Even if it is paying some utility bill or say other bills. I am not top seller and I don’t have daily orderrs either but I am on fiverr to pay my debt. Every single dollar that I earn online with fiverr or any other way adds up.