Top Rated sellers wins the day and new sellers are crawling!


So this is strange because i can’t even find my gigs on category.

How can they’ll place order, if they don’t find out my gigs !!

Next trouble is buyer request section full of spam and it gets updated once in decade, i guess :smiley:

As a new seller, its getting hard for me to work on fiverr.Let me know your condition :slight_smile:


Every top rated seller was a new seller just like you.
I agree that BR section is full of spam,but I find some potential buyers too whenever I visit BR section. Even last night I got a BIG order through BR.So keep working on your gigs,quality of work and your proposals.Your bid should be enough impressive to grab the attention of PB.
Good luck!


You’ve still got a ToS violation in at least one of your gig descriptions. Trust and Safety may have taken your gigs out of search to review the issue.


You need to search out the best buyers in BR section. There are great chances and projects which are waiting for you. You just need a strong proposal to impress the buyer. :slight_smile: