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Hi Everyone!

Does Average Selling Price matters to be a Top Rated Seller on

Thank You!


Yes quite, one of the conditions to be top rated is to have earnt minimum 20k $ through fiverr


Following on from this, I often find it astounding that many people who ask why they’re not a TRS or what it takes to be a TRS often sell gigs for $5. Being a TRS and a $5 seller do not go hand in hand.

Some very quick maths >>> if you sold one gig a day at $5, it would take 4,000 days, or 11 years (working 7 days a week for those 11 years) to reach TRS status! To be brutally honest, many sellers will be lucky to receive one order a week, let alone one a day. At that rate, it would take some an entire lifetime to reach TRS status!


Yes ! It’s so obvious :rofl:
And earning isn’t the only solution, it requieres to be and act professional all the time and have perfect stats non stop, perfect english, it must be hard to maintain this rank.


Realistically, becoming a TRS can only apply to those working in high value job areas - such as high-end branding, animation, programming, etc.

I’m a proofreader. It’s never going to make me rich. I just focus on offering a friendly and professional service for a fair (not cheap) price. This way I get a lot of repeat buyers and I earn some useful additional income.

Whilst it’s good to set goals and have ambitions, for many TRS is out of reach. Focussing on maintaining Level 2 is good enough for me.


In my niche, I guess they are expert motion designers and editors, they probably have made studies in motion designing and have filled all the forms asking for software skills and technical compositing, it’s above everything I’ve done until now, lol

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TRS is not a badge or status you earn automatically. You are picked by Fiverr staff manually. Just to add this if it wasn’t clear.