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Top Rated VS Pro Seller

Just wants to know what is the difference between top rated vs pro seller, I saw a profile on fiverr which is having 0 reviews but still says Pro , just wandering how its possible?


Hey, you can find all answers here

" Fiverr business buyers want the very best. We therefore request Pro candidates to go through a vetting process: We’ll ask you to tell us about your professional background, your higher education, notable projects you’ve worked on, etc. Once we get to know you, we will evaluate your application form and notify you whether you were found eligible to open a Pro Gig."


his elite group of Sellers enjoy a growing number of exclusive benefits, as they continue on providing Buyers with an overall excellent experience. Please note that this is a manual process - once you meet the following requirements, we will look back on your performance. Once our team confirms your eligibility, you’ll be ranked as a Top Rated Seller.


TRS badge is awarded for consistent high performance over an extended period of time.
Pro badge is awarded based on the type of service being offered.
If I had a high quality dog training service which I offered here but that nobody ever bought, it would be possible for me to apply and get a Pro badge for it. However, I would never get TRS based on it.

Yes, I know there is no real category for that service, it’s just an example.

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Thank you guys for your response. I understood the difference, I have doubt if I apply for PRO or not. I have just started few months back and I offer work on Wordpress related projects, but I am getting less response from buyers. Would it be better to just work for TRS badge or to go for Pro ?

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I don’t know. In my case, both of them wouldn’t be possible. I have applied for a pro badge two times and got rejected, it might be because the same gigs are offered on my page with as regular gigs. Although, I have seen that they vetter pro sellers, which design jobs that aren’t that high-quality in the book design category.