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Top Rates Sellers: What are the *actual* benefits of TRS?

Since the very first day that I started working on Fiverr I set my heart on one day reaching the level of Top Rated Seller. This has helped me keep on track with maintaining my stats and providing great customer service. Within a few months I was a Level Two seller and now, two years later, I am finally just a few hundred dollars away from meeting the last requirement of TRS.

And upon realising that my goal is close, I’m facing a simple question: Why? Why should I apply to become a TRS? What are the actual benefits?

Sure, a 7 day clearance instead of 14 days would be nice, but I’m so used to the 14 days that it wouldn’t really make a difference. Priority support is also obviously a perk but I’ve used the support system maybe once in two years. Then there’s the extra promotion, but I’m already receiving more work than I can handle and have the luxury of prioritising projects I like more than others.

The only potential benefit that I can see would be to be able to raise my standard rates, but I’m scared that doing so will scare off many of my repeat buyers (I’ve already raised the price a few times and feel like I’ve reached the maximum that people are willing to pay) and I’m not sure simply having the TRS stamp will convince anyone to pay more than they already are.

So my questions are: As a Top Rated Seller, what actual, practical perks do you experience, and has it affected your overall price level? Has becoming a TRS affected you and your account in any meaningful ways?

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IMO, the benefits are:

  1. 7 Days Clearance. (I even want shorter time)
  2. Portfolio feature. (this really showcase your work)
  3. Feel Good.

Becoming a TRS only get you the little yellow TRS title on search page which in a way make me feel good doing business here, nothing really special. no extra sales guarantee. Top Quality works on Portfolio speak for itself indeed.

That’s all.


So you are looking for someone to convince you to “apply for TRS”?

You don’t apply for TRS. Either you get picked or you don’t. (After you meet all the requirements that is).


You just basically listed all the benefits I personally found attractive for myself and said none of those were of particular interest to you. :slight_smile: So I can’t really add anything.

But you definitely don’t need to be TRS to raise your prices. You will lose some regular clients but will also find that a lot of them actually don’t mind paying more. As long as it’s a reasonable raise, it’s a step towards the work less = earn more formula which is always good.


You might be mixing up TRS and PRO seller. TRS are chosen from the pool of level 2 sellers who fulfill the known and unknown criteria, you might get that badge soon after becoming eligible by fulfilling the know criteria, or long after that, or never, I guess, is possible too. Either way, you can neither apply for it nor decline it when you get it :wink: so … don’t overthink it.
You can, however, apply to become a PRO seller. A forum search will come up with all the info needed to apply.

As for actual benefits, I’d definitely count the extra fast support, even if you don’t need it often, it’s still good when you need it, like for a 24-hour delivery gig that somehow went awry.


For the benefits of TRS, I agree with all things mentioned above.

As a TRS, I get a bit more traffic (probably from the customers who use the filter function).
However. the TRS badge doesn’t really convince the clients to pay more. The portfolio does.


You are right, I’ve been mixing it with the application for Pro! :sweat_smile: That said, TRS, even if you can’t apply for it, seems nice too.

Thanks for the answers! For me personally, I think the main perk would just be that if feels good. The other stuff aren’t things that appeal to me personally. Still, I love that they have an incentive for consistently delivering high quality :blush:

One of the main things I miss about being a TRS is being able to say “As a TRS, I think…”.
“As a New Seller…” doesnt have the same ring to it.

Anyway, better to have Top Rated and lost than never to have Top Rated at all.


That’s the spirit!..


Meeting all requirements doesn’t guarantee that you become TRS.
I constantly receiving emails (every month) that I’ve been chosen for nominating for TRS level but as far as you see I’m still level 2 seller. All my stats are perfect.

Also, I’m sure that your two extremely kindhearted looking pals from your pic love you either way.

/me nods sagely.

My incentive was back when the badge was star-shaped and the level page said something about Fiverr rock stars :wink: but I’ll take what I get with feels good factor, fast support, 7-day clearance and “As a TRS, I think…” bragging rights. :green_heart:


The differences are like the differences between night and day.

Getting paid in 7 days means you get paid faster. So if you have a financial emergency, your balance will be higher than it would be with the 14 day period.

You also get the privilege of having a gig that might be the only one in your category. Not for logos, but for less popular gigs.

If you have issues, customer service will get back to you faster than they do when you’re level 2 or level 1.

The only negatives is that buyers are likely to expect more, regardless of your price points. They’re more likely to complain if they’re not 100% satisfied, even if you don’t guarantee 100% satisfaction.

As for applying, you don’t apply, and meeting the requirements means nothing. It’s the editors that choose who becomes TRS, it’s a very exclusive club, like joining a country club, and they’re very picky about who gets to join, although not as picky as PRO.

You can also get demoted from TRS. My advice would be- don’t even think about it, ignore the “you’ve been nominated” e-mails, just focus on your gigs. Raise prices if you can afford it.

As a former TRS, I can tell you that I miss it, and I don’t earn the same money I used to earn when I had it.

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Same here. I wish I could withdraw from the draw, as it’s annoying and disappointing to get this message every time.

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Ta daaa !!!
And I definitely know that tomorrow I will receive a message that I currently stay on level 2

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