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Top Ratted Seller

I have done all requirement to become a Top ratted seller but from 3 months. Fiverr not promoting me as Top Ratted Seller on fiverr.

Fiverr has the right to choose and promote whichever Level 2 sellers they wish to the ranks of Top Rated Seller. Just because you may qualify, does not mean that you deserve the promotion. Fiverr has their own internal requirements as to whom they promote. If they choose to manually promote you, great. If not, there is nothing wrong with remaining a Level 2 seller. :slight_smile:

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Great i know they promoting manually/ but any one know tips how to get next level.

Level 2 is a Great level but i wish to become a super seller in 2019

As I already told you, the Top Rated Seller level is entirely at Fiverr’s discretion. You neither deserve it, nor can you do anything to guarantee promotion. If you meet the requirements, that only means that Fiverr will consider you for promotion. However, as we have clearly seen, Fiverr only promotes a select few (who meet their internal requirements).

There are no tips that will guarantee you promotion to Top Seller Status.

If Fiverr chooses to promote you, great, if not, there is nothing wrong with remaining a Level 2 seller.


Great Thank You So much jonbaas Have a Great life.

That sounds a bit condescending… but thank you nonetheless.