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Top Reasons for Getting Banned!


Hello Fiverrins! Well I wanted to Know what are the top and Most Common Reasons one Might Get Banned?


does writing money-pay -cash-bank-email get us banned?


Hello Fiverrins! Well I wanted to Know what are the top and Most Common Reasons one Might Get Banned?

If forum posts are anything to go by, the most common reasons seem to be acquiring multiple ToS violations and operating multiple accounts.

does writing money-pay -cash-bank-email get us banned?

No, but trying to do business off-site can get a seller into trouble. It’s why those words usually trigger an automatic warning telling sellers to be careful.


if you use slang or any bad word with buyer it will cause you to get banned
and one more thing that is don`t cancel if the buyer is already ordered,try to complete buyers work in time


The number one reason is not following the Terms of Service which can be found at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Maybe one of the most common is warnings for things like using the delivery button without actually delivering the order (eg. sending just a message in the delivery box without the delivery could get a warning which could lead to a ban if there is another/more. Maybe partial deliveries could too).


Inappropriate/insulting language is apt to get you a warning/ban. Use of slang is not grounds for banishment but is unprofessional and should be avoided.


You should read TOS of Fiverr …If you violate fiverr tos multiple time then you will get banned …


Here you go Fiverr ToS



You are Right I should Read it!! thank you All!! I appreciate your Time!!


Well A new Update!! If you have Fiverr Logo or 5star Icon and Level icon inserted in your Gig Picture- Fiverr will ban that GIG?

I am not Completely sure about it but I have heard a couple of people getting banned like this- what you you think?

is it possible?


Yes. I think they will suspend/delete your gig or ask you to edit the gig image.


New addition in reasons for getting banned.
Not so common but lots of talks going around.
If you fail to verify your ID in three attempts you will be get banned.


When will the ask for my id verification!! up till now I havent recieved any notification for it!


More info here -


Thanks for sharing a great information