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Top reviews, but poor impressions and clicks

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I am a level 2 Fiverr vendor that mainly generates his revenue stream thanks to a business planning gig where I’ve 189 positive reviews (4.9 averagely) and received a significant number of orders during the last eight months. Suddenly, in the previous 15 days, my clicks, impressions, and number of orders dropped down drastically without any apparent reason because I am continuing to obtain positive reviews, sharing my gig on my social media pages daily, and renovating my gig content every ten days.

What I am looking for is: why are my impressions/clicks/number of orders drastically dropping down even if I steadily renew my gig, promote it on my social media spaces, and continue to obtain positive reviews? Is Fiverr changing its algorithms? I’ve also noted that my gig appears only on the fifth page of business planning, while I was in the first two pages until two weeks ago. Thanks for your suggestions, but I am struggling in this problematic situation.


I’ve noticed many sellers going through the same. In fact I an one of them.

I’m probably reapiting myself across threads, but in short, I’m going through the same as you. I’ve nothing but top reviews and returning clients, and ever since Promoted Gigs kicked in, my traffic died.

About the algorythms used, I would’t know, but I’m sure PG are playing a huge part now.

I am actually using PG and still getting no clicks, no traffic, no messages, and no orders.

I’ve been trying updating my gigs and sending offers to buyer requests, opened new gigs and promoted on social media like I always do.

In short, I’m not sure what’s wrong, but it’s ending our careers one by one.


The supporting team should consider our topics since this situation is destroying several freelancing careers. Do you suggest to stop the Promoted Gigs actions?

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I wouldn’t quit using promoted gigs. I wonder if there’s a difference in our situation, but as of today, I’m still using them.

It’s probably going to be a revolutionary idea for some but it’s not that difficult to get positive reviews on fiverr (as long as you deliver exactly what you’ve promised). Which is what you are supposed to do anyway. Positive reviews alone is not something that guarantees you a top spot at all times. There are other metrics (some of them are hidden from sellers) that are being considered here.

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It depends on the price. For my main gig, it costs almost $0.5 per click. Since my gig sells at $5 and it might take at least 10 clicks to generate a sale, basically I am working for free. So in my case promoted gigs are a waste of time and money.

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In your case, I would agree.

Are you even getting any clicks? I know I’m not

I’m not using the service.

When I saw that for my gig it would cost so much to advertise… the $10 freebie would just give me 20 clicks. And that would most likely be competitors anyway.

So… if 100 competitors would click my gig (or newbies trying to make me share work with them), then that would cost me $50? Really? No thank you.

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As I have already stated before, I daily improve my gigs by implementing new content and promoting them on social media platforms.

Hi @donnovan86,
You told about ‘clicked by competitors’ issue, where your competitors found the ads which published through PG program? (I have no idea about that.)
I tried to know from google, but found nothing interesting.

What I mean by that is your PG ads are seen by everyone, including competitors. They are also users on the platform. And if a competitor is maleficent, he can just spam click on your ads to make you pay. Plus, even a newcomer that wants me to share work with him will click on the ad to see my page and send a message. I would have to pay $0.50 (based on the rate I was quoted by Fiverr) for every click I make, regardless of who clicks on my gig.

So… yes, it doesn’t matter WHO clicks on your gig, whether it’s another writer (since I am a writer myself) or a newcomer trying to beg for orders, every click they make when my gig is promoted would be paid by me. I would gladly use this service if it would work, but knowing something like this can happen, for me it would be money thrown down the drain.

For those that have expensive gigs maybe it’s better. But in my case, at the lower price points and with such a high price point per click… It’s just way too expensive for me to promote my gigs, knowing the fact that a random competitor can click on my gig and basically waste money on my side.

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I need to marketing the gigs, but how? need to learn