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Hey guys. I’m a Top Seller, been with Fiverr from the start. You may have seen me on TV a few times talking about Fiverr.

Hey! am new in fiverr, I don’t know how to get gigs. Pls can someone educate me.

Reply to @vaughnonmovies: Can u educate me to know how to go on fiverr. Am new with site. Don’t know how to get gigs and sell it. Pls help me. Give me ur response on email: or Thanks


I want to sell a limit stock of an item on Fiverr, but I can’t see anywhere in the description to cap the amount I sell, is that the case? Or am I missing something somewhere?


Why are you so dashing and awesome? Inquiring minds would like to know. :slight_smile:

Reply to @edwriter: I’m unaware of both the dashing and the awesome.

What advice can you give new sellers to make sales in fiverr 3

Now you’re a top seller, how much of your income does Fiverr make up?

Reply to @joethorn: 100% since 2012 to present. From 2010-2012 it was about 75%. That’s not to say I’m rolling in money. I make enough to live out of my parents’ basement.

Reply to @tracy77: hone instructions to minimize back-and-forth conversation. You want to spend your time on Fiverr doing orders and not talking people into ordering. If you focus too much on the later, a common mistake, you won’t be making worthwhile money and you need to be making money quickly to improve the synergy effect of sales volume bringing in more orders.

Reply to @madmoo: “Instructions for Buyer” was my idea. Did I make millions off of it? Take a guess.

I’d like to see Fiverr make stars made out of the best sellers. YouTube doesn’t get to where it is today by not trying to convince viewers their “talent” pool isn’t on par with TV. To have a stable of social media phenoms would elevate Fiverr to the next step.

How many more comments do I need to post until I drop this cow graphic? I just saw these forums today.

Serious question. I like my anonymity, but noticed most featured sellers aren’t. Is it favorable as seller here to reveal your personal identity?

Hey give me some tips to get more sales. i am a new seller.

Reply to @edwriter: There are rules against outside contact. It’s understandable that Fiverr would want to stop people from making direct deposits through PayPal and cut them out. I feel that if I can get buyers to know me they are more likely to come back or in the least understand that a real person did the work. Ideally, I’d like all my buyers to follow me on Twitter so that they can essentially be alerted when I create a new service and be able to share the word.

@vaughnonmovies :

Hi, :slight_smile:

I did learn a lot while reading the forum.

I was just wondering, do I need to create videos that are more colorful or do they need to be simple to catch the eye of a potential buyer…

(Because mine look simple and I was wondering if I should change them…)

Will be happy to get an opinion about it from someone who knows about videos & promotions…

Thank you in advance,


Have a nice day!!!


Reply to @sanda5: Gigs that deliver a video need a great video. Most gigs can benefit from a video. I find, and I’m not sure if this has changed, that I would rather have a vibrant thumbnail than what the videos stick you with.


Thank you for your input…

I was in doubtful manner about this…

I will consider changing them…

Have a nice day!!!

Sanda :slight_smile:

@xcellent writer

Any advice for newbies like me on how to up scale when it come to sales?The orders are coming in,in trickles base on some advice i got from fellow fiverr sellers.But want to increase sales.Here’s one of my gigs .>>> www.fiverr/xcellent_writer/write -a-400-word-eye-catching-seo-article


I am a writer but i don’t really have an idea of how to promote. I have tried various means but it is not just working.