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what was a mistake you made when creating a gig that you could tell us about? also, what was your worst experience with a buyer and how did you handle the situation?

Reply to @traffic_killer: You’re going to have to start by over-delivering. I busted my butt doing far more than I wanted for $5 before I could speed up the process and allow supply/demand to equalize.

Reply to @bensimms139: You’re probably just going to have the put the limit in bold within the gig description.

Reply to @ladyfreq: I’m not sure I made a mistake making a gig. I do know that when a newly created gig of mine landed on the front page a few months ago I was eating, sleeping, and breathing it for a week straight with a backlog of 50+ orders. Did I need the money? Yes, but not all at once like that. Fiverr could do a much better job of controlling traffic.