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Top seller support a new seller

I am a new seller in fiverr I am create a great Logo, i have 2 year experience for Logo design, i am properly reading Logo design course in 1 year. but i have a not Oder anyone and my Gig not search box,
please suggest me


I think you’d benefit from some polishing-up of the grammar/spelling in your gigs. That’s just one thought though; I’m not a graphic design person :confused:


Use BR Section :sunglasses:

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Send a buyer request and marketing your fiverr gig then you will lot of order…


Try to use your personal social media to promote your gig.
It will help you to make some sales.

Good luck for you my friend

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you need to do more improve / update in your Gigs and profile.


Error 404: Grammar & Spelling NOT FOUND!

I would suggest you to invest more time into improving your English language skills. Thank me now, and buy me a beer at a later date, you know once you start getting the results. :wink:


I am a new designer here. So i missed the meaning of BR also. What is it?

very very thank you so mach

than you bro for your idea

I am not an Indian. However, I love giving tips to newcomers no matter their country of origin. :slight_smile:

what is your mean?
please explain it

Write your own profile description (from scratch) instead of stealing someone else’s.

Write your own gig descriptions (from scratch) instead of stealing someone else’s.

Use only the artwork (for gig pictures and examples of your work) that you have designed yourself, from scratch, instead of stealing someone else’s.

What you did so far can only convince buyers that you would sell them stolen goods, so, of course, they will choose someone else (anyone who seems more honest).


You exactly point all important things :kissing_heart: @catwriter

BR Means Buyer Request

I am also facing the same problem. I have already 5 gigs. But Fiverr is not suggesting any Buyer Requests.

BR means “Best Regards”

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It actually means buyer requests lol.