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''top sellers'' are the ones getting most orders!

hello everyone!

hope you’re all doing fine!

I’m wondering how are buyers supposed to order my gig when ‘‘top sellers’’ are always on the top of the page.

Talking about popular categories (design, photography, business, writing…), I don’t know how do new members get their gigs ordered when the best sellers are already available and how could they even trust me when they see that so many people have already ordered someone’s gig, this means that they (the seller) are trustworthy and are offering a good product (at least better than a newbie’s).

Do more for less, deliver quickly with high quality work and when you get your levels and a nice stack of good reviews, cool your heels and offer whatever you think to be reasonable.

The biggest problem is: will you become a Top Rated Seller after 1 year, 2 or 10 years? Since Top Rated sellers are made by Fiverr staff for 200 or 5000 positive reviews (even if the overall rating isn’t 100%), then you need to hope you’ll be lucky in a day (after a few years) and someone from staff will make you a TRS to move your gigs in Fiverr’s 1st page.

Reply to @accessgirl: They’ve changed the discovery system for gigs and now sellers are completely alienated due to them removing the express gig option. I’ve worked hard over the last two weeks and got made a level 1 seller due to my quick response time both message wise and finished product. I was getting at least 1 sale a day and I don’t even have one message now because my gig can’t be found. Previously I was near the top of the express gig option due to my product delivery times.

My secret to getting popular on fiverr was using the Buyer Requests feature. Showcase good work in your portfolio, and you’ll get clients in no time.

Reply to @mcromano: Good insght! How do I use Buyer Requests feature?

Reply to @profindar: Hello,

Go to the bottom of your fiverr page. You will see a few links like in the attached image. Click on “Buyer Requests” (highlighted).

thanks guys for making it clear!

New sellers are given plenty of opportunity to do well on Fiverr. You see new accounts on the Recommended Page all the time. These guys get a chance from Fiverr review staff for having a high quality gig.

You also get to be in the “New Gigs” search function, and most gigs no matter how new get views on them… how they convert into sales depends on your gig description/video/images etc.

If a category is too saturated… well maybe you should consider getting into another category. Sellers with top ratings putting out dozens of orders a day have earned their place to be there via years of hard work and dedication.

I know when I first started out here offering some SEO gigs, I got most of my initial sales by promoting my gigs on SEO forums. The first few dozen orders completed with speed and accuracy and 100% positive feedback, meant Fiverr slowly started ranking my gigs higher and higher… now I do not need to rely on outside promotion as my well deserved rankings take care of all internal traffic… but trust me, this was no easy ride.

Being new means you need to work 10X harder and be smart in your offerings, your copy, your everything… there’s a lot of competition here now, try to do something unique or offer the best possible value, in order to stand out.

Good luck!

It makes sense for fiverr to showcase top sellers because those really are their best sellers (and buyers want to see those high selling gigs, not a collection of gigs with no ratings or anything). To get your first few orders, you really have to advertise yourself. Someone already suggested self-promotion of your gigs on forums and that’s a really good idea. Also try spreading it around other social media sites too so you can increase your exposure. Once you get those first orders in and completed (with good reviews), you should start seeing yourself pop up more. Using the “Buyer Requests” page is also a really good tool to advertise yourself to buyers. As always though, you may have to over-deliver in order to secure those first few orders. That’s the only way you can get a leg up on the TRS right now. I did that and I don’t regret it one bit.

Top rated sellers has their buyers already, and they got there because of A LOT of hard work! It’s not bad they be highlighted!

I have been receiving orders here since I join, before creating any gigs I searched through all the gigs that was similar to what I can offer here, I took a time to write a correct description, tags and images for it. You must offer something that be unique in your way, something that has good quality but it’s worth your time of course! :slight_smile: