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Top Sellers Google Clients Coming


Hey guys!

I recently received a message from fiverr letting me know I was chosen to work with new google adwords clients who will be coming to fiverr for large projects, and that would require special treatment.

So exciting !

Anyone else received this message and can elaborate more if possible ?


can you screenshot that message?

where did it come from? Are you sure the source is someone from Fiverr staff?


I can’t screenshot it as It was a fiverr message which I closed.
It was a popup on the site itself, and once I pressed thumbs up, it went away.

Fiverr did let me know this will happen a few months ago, and now it is taking affect.
Id love to know if anyone knows more about this :slight_smile:


oh so it was an automated “fiverr update” sounds cool. Never heard of it myself.


Definitely intriguing !


Do you have an Account/Success Manager? Those kind of early notices on trial stuff seem to come through SM’s from past posts. If you got a popup it sounds legit, but be cautious anyway depending on who notified you. There was a one-time event when the Fiverr pop-ups did go wrong. I assume they’ve fixed that loophole since I haven’t heard of t again.


They did mention in the message that an account manager will be helping me.
Do those exist ? Do you know anything about that ?


You don’t have a success manager assigned?


They mention one will be assigned, but until now I havent heard about anything like that…
Feels like a little secret santa that wont reveal himself… :smiley:


That’s weird. Yes, some people get success managers and some don’t. Seems to be based on performance or people rising quickly, but in Fiverr style, they don’t really say much about it publicly. If it wasn’t a success manager who told you in the past that this google thing was coming, how were you informed? That’s the odd part to me. The success managers usually contact their assigned sellers directly but it’s a clear set of communications.


The original message letting me know about this also came in a form of a pop-up.


Hmm. Very strange. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has seen anything about it. Perhaps you should check with CS and just make sure it’s valid. I try to grab screen shots of those pop-ups if I remember, since you usually can’t access them again.


I will definitely screenshot them from now on, thats a great idea !
I also did message CS, but usually they are clueless about anything new that is happening…