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*TOP SELLERS* Help me Please


No Order No Order No Order,

Read ma gigs and tell me whats problem ?


You have way too many grammatical mistakes. You keep advertising all your high quality writing skills but it does not match up with how well your gig is written. It does have a lot of good content in an overall sense, but too many mistakes. Clearly I am guessing that English is not your native language.

But that is just one reason. It takes time to get some sales, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Also, I would suggest get rid of the whole buy 2 get 1 free stuff.



The first thing is not to lose your temperament. It takes time to get a customer.

Secondly, there is too much competition in the area of your offerings. Even there is a competition among your own gigs.

Thirdly, your description of the first gig (didn’t check others) contains lot of grammatical errors and shadows badly upon your claim of serving high quality gigs.

Having said that:

  1. You can laser focus one gig and merge the others into it as extras
  2. You revise the description of the gig carefully
  3. You may take “A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO WRITING IN ENGLISH FOR UNIVERSITY STUDY” – a free course offered by the University of Reading at – to improve your writing.

    And yes, don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors and participate actively in forums.

    I hope it helps :slight_smile: