Top Sellers taking all the buyers from young sellers

 Why is it that now, nobody wants to buy a Gig from a new seller ... it is almost impossible for someone who just joined fiverr to get a buyer within weeks!!!<br />

I believe fiverr should develop a system that enables young sellers to be able to get buyers, like making people pay or sign up to use the top sellers and letting average buyers use new sellers … is that a bad idea?. I mean cut us some slack!!! … i have such a good gig that gives REAL INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO DO NOTHING OTHER THAN UPLOAD PICTURES … a LEGAL and INSTAGRAM APPROVED method for that matter, everything costs about $25 and the person is set-up for life but yet i see people buying gigs that give 200000 instagram followers withing 24hrs for $6 … they know its fake but they still choose to buy it because it has some ratings which he probably begged not less than 40% of his buyers to give.

Fiverr might soon be dying if this is the case … i just hope all you reading will understand the predicament that we young sellers are in and possible give some words of advice.

I am starting a young sellers on fiverr twitter page that advertises quality gigs from only young sellers, you can follow @fiverrhatchling.

I know they worked hard for their sellers but the ratio of those with buyers to those without buyers have become too much … and it’s not like the new arrivals aren’t working hard also!



Reply to @dtongsports: True, i should really exercise patience :slight_smile:


I was with Fiverr back when there were NO CATEGORIES, NO EXTRAS, NO NOTHING!! Just 5$!

New sellers wouldn’t appreciate that because they walked into a 5 yr developed business and think they deserve the world.

New sellers now can offer extras, have expanded gig descriptions, and well…are spoiled brats for being beginners to the marketplace.

Rewind time and see if you would make it even a day on Fiverr in 2011…

Suck it up, market your gigs outside of Fiverr, and be patient. Also, Top Rated Sellers have developed a significant amount of repeat buyers, which is why their Queues stay strong.

Spend 4 years on Fiverr and then complain if you’re not getting any orders or attention.

You just started this month…lol


I’ve noticed that since the updates, certain TSRs are getting a lot more orders. In my writing niche, sellers that used to have 80 orders in their queue now have close to 150. Some other level 2 sellers have seen a decrease in orders.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough orders to go around, OP. If your gig isn’t selling, it isn’t because of the TSRs I’m afraid. I see gigs start up all the time, make front page and soon have 25-30 orders in their queue.

Fiverr is getting very competitive. You have to really be on top of your game to succeed.


Reply to @sara1984: How do you know who has 80 or 150? Fiverr removed the queue, so now we can’t tell who’s getting a ton of orders, we can only see the date of the reviews they get, which is not a great indicator since some reviews are written a long time after the order was delivered.


They brought it back, fastcopywriter.

Don’t you have it? It’s in a different place now though. It’s right above the gig image.


People aren’t buying your Instagram gig because they come here to get stuff, not to be told how to get stuff.

For example, I’ve paid to drive traffic to my blog, and have seen results. Do I need to be told how to get traffic? No, I can find that on my own with a simple Google search.

You complain about not getting orders? You only have two gigs! Instead of being jealous of those who are succeeding, why not learn from them? Search instagram and twitter and see what comes up. See their pictures, see their gig descriptions, don’t steal their copy, just learn from it.

Furthermore, this copy doesn’t sell:

"I am a highly qualified degree holding S.E.O, Online and Social Marketing Expert … I have worked with numerous companies and organisations … I have a reputation and i won’t start ruining it with you … so you can expect nothing but the best, 100% PROFESSIONAL RESULTS CONSTANTLY. TRY ME AND SEE"

This sells:

"Talented SEO and Social Marketing Expert. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back"

You really need to watch your spelling, it’s organizations, not “organisations”. You also don’t tell them “I have a reputation and i won’t start ruining it with you,” negativity often kills sales. As for “100% Professional Results Constantly”, how are buyers going to know that if you have zero reviews?

Even your picture logo is terrible, if you’re not gonna use a real picture that looks good, hire a logo designer and create something for elysiumgig.

Fiverr is hard, but it’s not impossible. Good luck.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: looool … you aren’t as smart as you think, i have gotten a some requests already for my gigs … people come here to get stuff but are also looking for real value for their money … and that is what i’m offering … by the way i have come from a british colonised country so it is an ‘s’ not a ‘z’ :slight_smile:

I am not hating atall, i am not the person having this problem, i even acknowledge the fact that you guys work hard but as i can tell from your comments, you actually believe fiverr is perfect and nothing can be done to improve fairness of sales. So i cannot argue but hope you reason, thanks


Reply to @fastcopywriter: your “this sells” advice is also kind of corny … have you actually gone round to checkout all the SEO gigs that have that in their description? … i actually did alot of research before i put my gig and this discussion out … I 100% guarantee is more of a promise and less of a proof :slight_smile: (people want to be assured). But i actually agree on ther “i wont start ruining…” part :). All in all Thanks.

I am new so i haven’t had time to get my logo done yet but it isn’t terrible, thanks for the advice, will work on it right away.


Elysiumgig, try and get someone with a competent grasp of the English language to write your gig description for you. I’m not saying that to try and get work myself (I don’t write gig descriptions). I just think you’ll struggle big time to sell with your description as it is. It makes you look less of a pro, and it makes buyers want to click away sooner, which is bad news.

I hope you don’t take offence to that. You already speak more languages than I do. It’s just on Fiverr, where many buyers speak English, it’s quite important to communicate well in it. Especially when selling an information gig.



Seriously? “Will only Tell you where to buy REAL AND ACTIVE HQ followers for $5” or “1000 fake followers for 5$” ?

And you want orders?

  1. 99% of the people know how to use Google and find this top secret tips for free. Fake followers you can get on AddMeFast for dirt cheap.

  2. You need to tell buyers “Good night” and read a fair tale every night , metaphorically speaking, until you get Level 1 at least. - You are not in position to present yourself as an expert with no reviews, samples, proof here on Fiverr.

  3. If you are such a SEO expert, sell SEO.

    Have a great day!


Reply to @fastcopywriter: lmfao! … nice one, i can’t beat that … i think it’s time i shutup! Thumbs up


LOOOL trust me, addmefast is 5times more expensive than my method :slight_smile: … but thanks, this is the best advice i’ve gotten so far!


Reply to @madmoo: that’s a good suggestion


Reply to @elysiumgig: You see these earnings? Do they look like the earnings of someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing?


Reply to @fastcopywriter: The queue is back.


Reply to @exilegraphics: I’m glad to hear that, I think I noticed that the yesterday after I posted my comment.