Top Selling Gig DELETED! HELP!


Hello all,

I logged in just now to see my gig has failed some sort of ‘review’ and has been deleted! I did not receive any warning!

I am so upset… No other gig of mine has been selling anything except this one…

I have emailed support but I will be so upset if I dont get it back


What did you offer? If it was something like selling likes or followers, that’s against the Terms of Service of both social media sites and Fiverr.


I did not sell likes or followers it was a legitimate growth service and I would market buyers accounts manually


Market buyer accounts manually?

Did your gig require the exchange of personal information?


What kind of growth service? If you tell us more about it we can possibly tell why it was deleted.


I have had this in the past, needless to say, what I was selling at the time was illegal on Fiverr. I didn’t know this back then, Now I abide by all rules. It sounds like your “growth” business can easily be linked in with selling likes or followers and I would just be careful with what your selling. Fiverr is an incredible platform but its 400% better when everyone is safe while being on here :slight_smile:


And yet the BRs abound with requests that ask for that, specifically.

I am a big fan of following the rules here, I just wish they applied to everybody.


It appears it was a deleted for a copied description. I did look around at successful fiverr descriptions but i honestly did not mean to “copy” any of them. I did use similar formatting.

I suppose it was too close. I just would have appreciated a warning so I could change it?


How did you find out?


I received an email. I didnt get any warning and they say they cannot bring my gig back :frowning: