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Top selling GIG dropped from 1ST SPOT to 20th page. 15.5K total earnings. All gigs de-ranked


On 23rd Nov, my top-selling gig lost 1st spot and dropped on 20th page.
It was generating $1500/month.
I was getting 500+ impressions daily.
I am now getting 40-50 impressions and no clicks or new orders.

All gigs are dead!

Total earnings = $15.5K
Level 2 seller
471 orders competed
Average selling price $44.6
99% 5star ratings.
0% of late deliveries (no late delivery EVER!)

I am surviving on current orders and old clients.
The same thing happened with a friend, and he hasn’t recovered since 5 months.
Please help!

Masood Mahmood

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Well buddy, welcome to the club. Same story, 8k in earnings had two of my best performing gigs drop from first page to god knows which page and I get pretty much no traffic anymore.

Ah, sad to hear that. When did that happen?

There are a variety of things that can affect your search rankings, but none of us know the algorithm and how it works exactly. Have you changed anything about your gigs recently? Perhaps altered any of your gig tags, titles, description, etc.? If so, that can affect things greatly.

Your best bet is to troubleshoot. Here’s what I would do if I were in your situation:

  1. I would check to make sure all gigs are active in search results. To do that, go here: Help & Support | Fiverr
  • relevant subject: Gig
  • issue: my Gig doesn’t appear in search
  • then, choose the gig that you want to check. If it says Active, then your gig is showing properly and Fiverr isn’t removing it from search results. If it says you need to contact Fiverr Support, contact them ASAP using that form to resolve any issue that may be present with your gigs.
  1. I would consider adjusting the Gig Title and Tags to optimize them for search results, choosing relevant keywords to try and rank on the first page for them.

  2. I would also take a hard look at the Gig Image, Gig Portfolio, etc. to see if anything should be improved.

Just some food for thought.

I have a gig video and my title, images and description are well optimized. I haven’t changed a thing since almost a year. This gig has over 12K earnings.

Hmm. Have you received any bad reviews lately? Or had negative client experiences? Buyers get two review opportunities: the public review on your page, and then a private survey they take after they order with you. Both surveys can affect your ranking.

Also, have you had any cancelled orders recently? Those affect your gig rankings as well.

Third, from what I can tell… Fiverr likes to see money going through your seller account. So, the more orders you complete, and the more money you are making, the higher you may rank. Average selling price is also a factor in the rankings if I’m not mistaken.

Not sure what the exact issue is with your gigs, but I’m just trying to brainstorm and help you. One thing is certain; doing nothing will not help the situation, so I suggest taking some sort of action… whatever that may be.

No cancellation since 3 months.
No bad reviews. The least that I got was 3.7 a year back. I have 99% full 5-star reviews.

Well it sounds like you’re doing great then, nice work! I have no idea what the issue would be then. Have you tried contacting Fiverr support?

First they said they made a fix or something. After a few days nothing happened and then again they said everything was normal, which is not the case. And, every time they mentioned that they can’t discuss the algorithm. Seems fishy?

It has nothing to do with something you’ve done.

There’s no reasonable explanation for this. Some people say that gigs rotate while others say this doesn’t happen. Some say cancellations etc affect you, which I’m sure they do but again this is not the case for me either.

For others it picks up again after a week or a month and others never recover.

It’s a really strange situation to be in and we are not the only ones experiencing this. My guess is, as soon as the whole Corona pandemic will finally back the f out and most sellers who created gigs/accounts during period and flooded the market as they had nothing better to do will slowly disappear, then the algorithm will wake up and put people back where they should be

You’re right in a way. I noticed some of my competitors lost ranking and were thrown to 20th page like me. Now they are back after 2-3 months. But anyways this really sucks! because Fiverr support should do something about it. Why mess up top selling gigs when they are both getting a piece of the pie?

Oh brother, as this is not an “issue”, don’t expect any help.

“It’s supposed to work this way”

They cut me off as I was making 2k per week.

Good luck with this and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, patience is the only resolution.

Quick advice: you might hear people tell you to change your gigs and update your description, pictures etc.
this is complete nonsense.

If your gigs were ranked on first page, don’t mess with your metadata by not even changing a single dot. This way it’s pretty much game over for your gigs seo

Thanks for the support, brother. I really appreciate the help. My friend tried changing things with existing gigs and making new ones. On the first-day new gig shows up in the search and the next day. poof!

Seems like Fiverr de-ranks the whole profile. This is what I’ve learned and there’s no getting around it.
Take care!