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Top seven Gigs on fiverr

what are the top seven Gigs on Fiverr?


logo gig being the 1st


WordPress is the another one.

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Knowing that the top seven gig categories are on Fiverr, will not guarantee that you will find sales and success with gigs of your own in those categories. The only gigs that will be successful for you, are the services YOU can complete professionally, and that you work hard to connect to your target customers.


I only have 4 at the moment, not sure what the other 3 might be…

What is the point in asking this? You make gigs based on your proficiency combined with high demand and competition. You don’t make gigs just because a lot of people buy that service…


Pardon me if I sound rude, but I just had to say this. You’re saying that there’s no point in asking what’s in demand, but then you say one should be making their gigs based on their proficiency combined with high demand and competition? It’s like you’re negating your own statement. :smile:

It is the COMBINATION of proficiency, high demand AND low competition that gets orders.

Your question ignores that combination and assumes you should make gigs just because a lot of people buy them. Coca Cola sells well. Does that mean you’ll be successful if you make a cola company? Of course not. It doesn’t mean your cola will be good or that people will want to buy it or that they’ll even discover it.

Also note that the competition isn’t low on that, therefore succeeding is impossible. Your question completely ignores the low competition and proficiency in the equation. You can laugh at me all you like but you won’t get sales with these incorrect ideas. But if you want to lose sales, go ahead.


That wasn’t my question, though. I’m not the OP.
Although what you’re saying is 100% true, I do believe that the OP asking this question does make sense if you think about it this way. Maybe they just wanted to know which fields are popular so that they can focus on one of those fields that they might have experience in. I mean, people do have multiple fields of expertise, right?

Most meksells don’t even have one field of expertise, let alone multiple.

Logo, Wordpress, SMM, SEO now top on Fiverr