Top social media sites - optimise your business for these


Snapchat is now the third most popular social app among millennials, with a 32.9% penetration on the demographic’s mobile phones, trailing only Instagram (43.1%) and Facebook (75.6%). This data indicates that the app is now more popular than Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Google+ or Tumblr among those aged 18 to 34.


Good information. Do you happen to have any suggestions on how this could be accomplished? Thx!


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Wow! Although I was aware of the pecking order of social media apps, I don’t know how to ‘optimize’ for Snapchat. I certainly didn’t know this was lifted.


I do not think the snapshot will beat facebook.
They have their own market and financial survived by site owners


Wow I forgot about pinterest - going to hop on now.


I haven’t started using this as a way of getting buyers by bring them to fiverr to buy my services. Thanks for this Info, I really appreciate


This info is an eye opener, I never thought of giving Snapshot any view, but now I will.thanks for this good intimacy.