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Top Ten Gigs on Fiverr For New Sellers

For new sellers the top ten best popular gigs on Fiverr

Would you please contribute your replies?

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How is that going to work if new sellers have zero skills to perform service of those top ten best popular GIGs?

Be born, learn, study, eat healthily, exercise, gain skills, develop a list of your services, do the research what you can do that can be delivered online, join Fiverr, create GIGs, work on your social media presence, and get clients and orders. If that fails, then repeat: learn, study, eat healthily, exercise, gain new skills.


She tell you best you can get.

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What you should be doing is taking a look at what skills you have.

Then make a list of potential Gigs you can offer from that.

Don’t waste your time trying to find a “magic” way to win on Fiverr. It won’t work.


Thanks, @looseink to guide me & all of us

Thank you @marinapomorac

The ones you can do really well (as in, services that are so useful that someone is willing to give you their hard earned money to do them) and that at least some people actually need.

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what does it means? How can I get it?